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find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year

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September 2nd- The most beautiful rainbow ever

- Break fast in family with the mom of my love.
-Morning chat with my love. I loved to see him happy chatting with his mom, despite the nostalgia.
- Finding the perfect gift for the baby-shower of my friend Mati.
- Laughing, sharing, drawing , eating , playing. Sharing a great time at Emilio’s party.
_Watching the most beautiful rainbow ever. My camera is not good enough to capture its impressive beauty.
- Chat with my friend A. about my wedding plans.
-Sending an encouraging message to my love.

September 1st -Songs for the soul.

-Yoga and dancing.
-Working with the great help of my sister and my friend A.
- My guitar teacher sang some beautiful songs before our class. My sisters and I were delighted. :)
-Overcoming my mental barriers in my guitar class.
-Noticing that the relationship of my friend A. and her partner has become a wonderful love.

Magic days of July

Good bye sweet July, I’m so grateful for all the things I’ve learned from you.
- Attending to healing therapy.
-Beginning to heal: my sister and a friend volunteered to be my first patients of Amadeus-therapy. We shared a great moment and I felt really happy helping them on their healing process.
-Attending to a congress of healers at a beautiful place called “Aldeafeliz”. It’s a beautiful eco-village at San Francisco Cundinamarca. I was happy to get to know great healers and I recieved individual and group therapy. My sister, my niece and two friends went with me. Although they were shocked because of the vegetarian lunch, I think the trip was a great experience for all of us.
-Receiving a belated birthday present from my mom.
- I stayed at the eco-village and camped alone.
_I took part in the following therapies:
-Arabic dance
-Burial therapy.
_Bathing at the river: at night and at midday.
-Feeling happy to be alive.
It was magic to be able to overcome my fears and meeting extraordinary people.
-Feeling helpful.

July 16th-18th July's Joy

-Practicing guitar
-Changing my beliefs. Eliminating negative patterns of thought.
-Writing a thank you note for a stranger who was very kind with me at a boring procedure I had to do in my cell phone company.
-Giving personalized classes
-Long conversations with my love.
-Feeling blessed.

July 17th 2012 Sunday magic Sunday

-Doing Yoga
-100 abs
-Practicing guitar
-Delicious lunch with my sisters and my niece.
-Pampering myself: exfoliation with sugar lemon and honey + hair treatment + almond oil massage.
- Attending the mass and singing.
-Watching the people on the streets,enthusiastically celebrating the victory of Santafe ( a soccer team)after 37 years without being national champions.
-Chatting with my love.

July 14th 2012 Dancing and "Pride and Prejudice"

-Inviting my niece to a contemporary dance class at the academy where I used to dance.
-The teacher was really happy to see me again, he remembered my name and he didn’t charge us for the class.
-The wonderful sensation of moving my body, of feeling alive. An extraordinary class with the great Andres Lagos (the one with red pants on the photo)
-Getting closer to my niece, sharing quality time with her.
-Watching “Pride and prejudice” with my sisters. I could watch that movie 10 thousand times.

July 9th-13th An extraordinary week

-Finding a sweet and kind dentist.
-Overcoming my fear of going to the dentist.
-New beginnings: back to having guitar lessons.
-organizing my desk
-Visit of my friend Adri. Feeling happy for her because she found a new love after a complicated separation.
-Spending time with my friend A. and her beautiful family.
-Feeling protected and guided by God.
-Lunch at a vegetarian restaurant called VG-tal, the food was more than delicious, it was heart-warming.
-Chatting and laughing with my love. His company and support.
-Going to the alternative medicine doctor, feeling that my health has improved.
-Being invited to my favorite restaurant. I love sushi!
-Giving particular lessons.
-Eating tamal at la Florida with my friend H.
-Walking trough the 7th avenue on a Friday night.
-Finishing the week with the smile of the man I love.

July 9th Support and love

-Waking up with a phone call of my love from the other side of the world.
-Being able to support him and help him in a difficult moment.
-Lunch in family.
-Playing guitar.

July 8th Growing

-Sending a birthday greeting to O.
-The feeling of accomplishing.
-Being able to help my mom now that she is sick, good news at the doctor, pampering her.
- A sweet message from my love.
-The new haircut of my love, he looks adorable.
-The feeling of healing, growing and learning.

July 7th 2012 Learning

- Waking up and attending an invitation of my friend A.
- Sharing experiences with other women. Admiring the courage to overcome difficult situations.
-Letting go fears and pain.
-Making a commitment of stop neglecting my own needs.
-Feeling lucky for having a good man as life companion.

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