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Donate 100,000 grains of rice through freerice

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Yeah, forgot again. It’s a lot easier to remember some of the landmarks in South America now considering I have a face to put to each country.


17% done


Yeah. I kinda forgot about this. Now I’m gonna try for 1k a day, and see how that goes.


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Not enough time to even think about doing this, so I’ve only gotten a bit more over the last month. Laaame.


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It's over 9000!

Yeah, blatant DBZ reference, but I’m okay with that (as I’ve been waiting to use it).

It’s been forever since I’ve worked on this, so I’m only at 9,200. Lame, I know. Gotta step this up.


9.2% done!


I’ve been ungodly bored the past few days as my brothers stole my books when they went to Canada, so I’ve been online a tad too much. Letting the computer keep track of all the rice you have is cool, because it helps people with terrible memories still do this.


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Starting off

Well, I got 2,000 today. I like to frequent this site when I’m bored, so it’d be good to just keep track of what I get done. Besides, it’s a great vocab check, and good for keeping your mind working in summer. The german vocab is fun to see how much of it I actually know from just a few months of learning it.

Anyway, the keeping track.


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