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Lose 10 pounds


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sammertime has written 17 entries about this goal

Another pound gone

Started: 175 Today: 162…2 pounds left to my ultimate goal. Feeling pretty good!

12 down

3 more to reach my ultimate goal.I’m pleasantly surprised that i’ve come this far so early in the summer. Keep it up everyone, if I can do it anyone can!

Still working

My first loss since accomplishing the goal. 11 down, hope to lose 4 more this summer. Going to the gym almost every day. I’ve found that after you start a routine you eventually start to feel guilty if you skip.

Did it!!

I’ve been down 10 pounds for several days now, including through the long weekend somehow, so I’m marking this goal as officially done. My first one ever!! Very happy. I’m pleased with where I am, but would be happy to drop another 5, so I’ll probably pop in from time to time this summer to report on my progress and cheer on others! Yay!!

Hit the Mark!!...for now...sort of

First entry in more than a week, but at least it’s a good one:) I was stuck at the same weight for about a week (hence not much to report) but i seem to have broken through and I’ve lost 3 more pounds this week. Started at 175, now 165 (well, 165.8, but who’s counting right?) I’m not going to mark it as done unless i can stay there for another week or so, b/c it could just as easily bounce back up tomorrow if i “celebrate” too much, but at the moment I’m feeling pretty good…

Week 3 starts

Went home for the weekend for my sister’s college graduation. Translation: plenty of tempting cakes, candies, chips, and other festive foods. Yet, somehow I still dropped a pound. Very pleased. That’s 7 pounds lost in 2 weeks w/ three more to go. I’m starting to think I may actually meet my personal challenge.

pound down

After leveling out for 2 days, I finally lost a pound today. that’s 6 down and four to go. Symbolically, it was also a bit of motivation as I’m down to 169, the first time in about a year I’ve been under 170. Hoping tomorrow goes as well.

Patience is a virtue...or something

2nd straight day stuck at the 5 pound mark, but trying to stay upbeat. I’m still going to the gym every day and my eating habits haven’t been bad (although not fabulous either I’m sure) Intellectually, I know my body is just readusting itself and if I stay on task it’ll start going down eventually. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Week 2

Lost another pound, which is nice since I went away for the weekend and wouldn’t have been shocked if I gained though i tried my best. Halfway home now, five down, five to go. A little surprised I dropped 5 in a week, and I don’t expect the second half to go quite as quickly. Good progress so far though.


Only lost .5 today, still 6 to go. I’ve hit my first little plateau, but i’m still feeling ok…although a little nervous about my first weekend on the diet….


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