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create a beautiful tranquil evening routine

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i forgot abt this goal completely

the thing abt this goal is to give TLC to each of my roles: to meditate, prepare clothes for tomorrow, our lunch boxes, to tidy up a bit… all well intended. oh, dear.

off the track completely

i need to invent something new. no more chores (i don’t do them anyway)
i need pampering version of evening

back to track
now i use google calendar to plan evening routine, too.
  1. dishes (dishwasher out of order )- 1 hr
  2. RAW dinner – yummy
  3. meditation
  4. cooking for tommorow – whooping 1 hr – i wish i skipped it (that’s why i’m leaning towards raw food)
  5. preparing stuff for tommorow – 20 mins
  6. cleaning bathroom – 30 mins
    • huge mountin of dishes, that is now under control
    • not cooking while washing dishes, what a waiste of time
    • meditation after meal instead other way around
    • now i’m late to bed.


what to say after everything has been said and done.
i’m leaning towards doing what i can, only with my natural power and no forcing (idea i adopted from member of zenhabits forum). i’m highly aware that means that often nothing will have been done. oh well! nothing is perfect.
besides, nothing in this goal says that something has to be done. it only has to be beautiful and tranquil. i’ve just noticed that! lol

start earlier

whatever it is i do, i want to start it earlier, and avoid doing chores/cooking close to bed time.
at evenings i want to do only things and tasks i enjoy.

no visible change

i still want to meditate at fixed time at 7PM, and start cooking earlier and not so late that it is too late to finish it properly.
more evening walks, and time spent outside in shade, like yesterday, would be nice change.

not really...

it is more like struggle but i’m getting used to it (to the routine, not the struggle). my routine currently consists of packing lunch boxes that i find somewhat tedious but i do it anyhow, and meditation that i’m not in the mood allways. and sometimes get home very late, very tired, or combination of both. if my SO is at home we watch a TV show (some docummentary).

when i think of all the things i would like to do, well i’m starting to realise that it is not realistic. so for now i want to make packing lunch boxes easier, and to meditate at fixed time.
i need to cook earlier in order to allow food to cool down before packing it in portions and putting to fridge.


maybe i need to split my routine in 2 parts: evening routine starting with 7PM meditation, and afternoon routine things before it. but it is only 2 things (preparing food and 15 min decluttering) so for me it makes sense to have it all in one, with accent on “beautiful tranquil”.

and here it is, my new habit for the may new moon

i had this strange situation, i had new habit of a month (preparing lunch boxes), but i also had a superficial decluttering challenge for Easter; it was too much, but i did my best!

main ingredient of my beautifull tranquil evening routine is going to be meditation (in my nice living room). i will keep an eye on keeping my new meal preparing habit (i can’t imagine eating any other way any more), and i will just monitor other activities in joe’s goals thingie that is so cute. thinking of full blown routine can wait.

i will put meditation as challenge, since it is clearly defined goal.

focusing on one new habit a month

this month it is to prepare lunch boxes.
adds lots of stress in the afternoon, but mornings are so peacefull now!
need to simplify and make it a breeze. stop using pan alltogether. if the thing used for cooking doesn’t have a timer – stop using it. also stop using leafy vegetables that take ton of time and effort to clean it.

i also do declutering challenge, but it is not a habit but a project.

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