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revise my eating habits

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sugar in tea

I have stopped putting sugar in coffee and I also stopped putting sugar in tea. I have stuck to that. Also, most days I eat breakfast [even if just a breakfast bar], eat far less chocolate, we only eat ice cream if we go out for it, and still no beef or pork or cold cuts or eggs at home.


Less beef, less pork, no sugar in coffee!

We no longer eat beef or pork at home and I rarely have it in other places. About a month or two ago, I stopped using sugar in my coffee.



I now am monitoring myself to see if I am really hungry when I want to eat or if it is something else like thirst. I am creating a healthier relationship with food. ~sapphoq


I have beebn cutting back on the amount of junk I was eating. Now I am also eating breakfast everyday—even if it is a cereal bar. sapphoq

less candy

With less beef, I have found that my cravings for sugar are decreasing.

I am not sugar-free nor am I candy-or chocolate-free.
I am eating less of it.

I am also losing a tiny bit of weight. That is a nice benefit. Yet I try to keep my mind on being healthy, rather than the numbers on the scale.


breakfast and less beef

I am slowly starting to drink juice and eat something for breakfast.
At home now, we don’t eat beef, pork, or coldcuts.
I have been feeling a bit better and am actually losing weight.
It took a long time for my eating habits to get unhealthy so it will take effort to fix em.

-sapphoq 9/26/05

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