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be curious, not judgmental

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Another goal ...

.. for which I must thank a 43T-er: thank you, Goodwolve :) (I have no cheers available at present but I’ll remember later when I do have some, that one belongs to you.)

Once again, this is something I do all the time. But sometimes it can appear to others that I’m being judgmental (or just plain nosey!).

Essentially, my desire is to see through the other’s eyes: to see what they see, to understand their world view; their motivations; their passions. It is driven by curiosity and a desire to accept others for what they are – and to help, support or encourage if that is what they want.

Herein lies the reminder to myself: help, support or encouragement can be offered because that is what someone wants, but not because I want to offer it or because I think that they need it

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