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Saraband in Oxfordshire is doing 10 things including…

achieve 43 things that nag and eat away at me so I can be free of them and feel smugly pleased instead :)

18 cheers


Saraband has written 14 entries about this goal



Not a goal I’ll repeat in a hurry but I’m glad I finally got there :)

And I certainly feel

very smugly pleased

after all that ;)

43 things!


Remortgage the flat

Not generating vast sums of income but at least it’s up and running and everything’s legit and above board :)

(42) House

Repair the lounge wall

Looks so much better now :)

(43) Family & Friends

Order E & S’s wedding photos

So it took me 4 years to achieve this last one. But I did more than order photos and now I have a beautiful printed wedding album that I love! A perfect item with which to complete this looooooonnnnnnng nagging list :D

Forty things!

(38) House

Sort out the loft

Not a nice task but I made room for yet more boxes and I’ve grouped things in some sort of order. I’m sure much of what’s there could be thrown away but B is a hoarder…. (sigh)

(39) Misc

Back up my photos

I am SO happy I’ve finally done this; it would have been heart-breaking to lose my photos. B gave me his old external hard drive and backing up was easy. I’ll do this regularly from now on.

(40) House

clean under-sink cupboards

Long overdue. Cupboards now pristine and organised. We have so many half-used bottles of this or that. Now I know what we have perhaps I’ll stop buying duplicates!

So that’s the magical 40 reached. 40 nagging things achieved and only 3 more to go before this goal is done.

I am very

smugly pleased ;)

The end is in sight

I didn’t complete this goal before the year end but it’s creeping forward. Slowly, slowly…

(34) House

sort sewing basket

It had been years since I last did this. Now it’s beautifully organised and usable again :)

(35) Family and Friends

research wooden Noah’s Ark

I wanted to buy this for Evan’s birth but I couldn’t find what I wanted. I managed it for Christmas instead. It’s more of an heirloom piece than a toy though he will certainly play with it in time I hope. E & S were delighted with it and it looks so lovely in the nursery :)

(36) House

get frames for new prints

It took almost a year to achieve this. Very pleased with the results.

(37) Family and Friends

make contact with P

I’m not totally sure I want to mark this as done. I used to work with P. We were not close friends – little more than colleagues – but she was a wonderful, warm and talented lady and I liked and admired her. Much earlier this year her cancer returned. News has been ominously quiet. I sent her a Christmas e-card with a message which has not been collected. I’m wary of more direct contact right now so I’m marking this as done and will try to find out more through indirect means.

Getting there

Three more things achieved.

(31) Friends and Family

write to R

I didn’t write to her; I went to see her. That’s even better I think.

(32) Home

vacuum pack my summer clothes

Originally I intended to do this with the winter clothes but that never happened. Never mind: the summer ones are safely stored out of the way now.

(33) Car

deal with the rust on my car

My car is now rust-free, serviced, repaired and MOTd for another year! Now to clean it!

Only 10 more things to be achieved before I can mark this goal as done. Wonder if I can achieve that before the end of this year….

I haven't been

actively working on this goal at all so it’s a pleasant surprise to find that I can cross off a few more things.

(27) Admin

do battle with slc to recover my divorce papers

A very long story behind this one and I had little expectation of succeeding but I did! Decree Absolute now safely back in my possession :)

(28) Cooking

make date and rhubarb chutney

The ingredients were ready and waiting for a long time but finally I made this with a few adjustments (some intentional and others not). And it’s delicious!

(29) Friends and Family

write to UB

UB is my favourite uncle and a sprightly octogenarian. Estranged from the wider family, I have always kept in touch albeit sporadically. I had owed him a letter for months. Finally he got it: a long, newsy email with masses of photographs bringing him right up-to-date with all our doings. I know how much he enjoyed it – and I enjoyed writing it. I shall try not to leave it so long next time.

(30) Health

register with a local dentist

A new local nhs practice has opened and I’ve registered. Hooray!

So THIRTY things crossed off the list now. That does feel good. And although it’s been a while, I can safely say that I am

smugly pleased :)

Over half way

It’s a pleasant surprise to check in with the master list and see that I can cross off a few more things. Most of them are such silly little things; I’m embarassed to have them here! But these are the things that have the habit of hanging around and weighing life down. And another seven of them are gone, hooray! (with a couple more tagged on the bottom of the list though, needless to say…)

(20) Garden

organise the greenhouse

I am so pleased to have finally done this. Every time I go in now I sigh happily instead heavily :)


have the brakes checked

They were making that noise AGAIN. I’ve had them fixed so many times. But it’s not worth taking risks with something like this so I had Paul look for me and …. The brakes are fine! I’m so pleased about this. And he explained the noise that I’m hearing so now it all makes sense.


clean the inside windows

Why does this have to hang over me for ever whilst I watch the grime and smudges pile up and cringe every time the sun shines (or tries to shine) through them? It’s not such a big deal to clean them and they look soooo much better when they’re done.


read business plan for writers

This was a series of articles in a blog that I bookmarked months ago as being potentially useful. It was useful. I’m glad I finally got to read it.


wash the floor

See (22) above. Why, why, why? Note to self: In future just do it


find a cattery for Harri

This has preyed on my mind for ages to the point where I’ve almost been afraid to start looking as I’ve been so convinced I would never find anywhere nice at such a late stage. But I have found one! It’s local, it’s reasonably priced; the people are lovely; the accommodation is lovely…. And I got the very last place! Phew!

(26)Income stream

see a financial advisor

I HATE dealing with kind of stuff. But I’m doing it. Have to wait for his report now.

So now I’ve passed the half way mark.

I am indeed

smugly pleased :)

Progress, progress

(12) House

get my E, T, R pictures up on the wall
These are cross stitch pictures I made as each of my children were born. They’re not samplers – just ornamental initials. I have them up in my room now: first time they’ve been up on a wall in more than 7 years :)

(13) Lifestyle

check & bottle liqueurs
Liqueurs retrieved from under the stairs, inspected, tasted, pronounced delicious. They’re improving all the time. No need to rebottle yet. Recheck in 2 months.

(14) House

Hooray. ‘Nuff said

(15) Giving

Remake the curtain ties I made for Cm
I’ve made these once – but inside out. Whoops!

(16) House and Garden

clean the outside of the conservatory
B did this whilst I was in Sussex. Hooray for B!


scrub the garden furniture
B did this as well! It’s done; it’s no longer nagging me – so all these things that B has done deserve their place on this list in my opinion :)


get frame for R’s picture
Now R is in a frame and on the shelf along with E & T


clean patio
A joint effort.

I am most definitely

smugly pleased :)

June: week two

I’m planning a weekly celebration review of this goal. Most of these things were done before this week. But I’m including them anyway :)

So far my completed list looks like this:


Rename myself
Who needs the ‘14’ anyway?


make the crib covers for E
They weren’t perfect but they were ready in time for Baby Evan’s arrival and are in use daily


organise and send the postcards I’ve been promising people on 43T for quite some time
Great fun :)


get my ipod up and running again
Just in time for my music goal and guided meditations

(5) 43T and cooking

make Kimber’s cookies
Deeeelicious! Made them twice already ;)

(6)organise and car

get some breakdown cover
Long overdue. Now I can break down safely without worry!


make decisions and act regarding the fruit cage
Actually B did most of this. With my encouragement so it still counts


wash car (or get someone else to wash it for me)
No – I didn’t do it. But the car is cleaned and that’s what counts.


submit K260 tma02
Better late than never


I am SO pleased to see the back of this one!


sit DSE212 exam
Yes! Done! Never again ;)

So thus far I have done

eleven things.

I am indeed

smugly pleased

I’ve been waiting to write that for ages!

And now to complete more things in the coming week :)

Master list

I’m just presenting this goal differently. This is where I’ll keep my master list. Things will be added to it as I remember them and they start nagging. Then I’m going to borrow from TangarineRose and (hopefully) Dragonfly as things get done.

Master List
  1. rename myself
  2. make the crib covers for E
  3. organise and send the postcards I’ve been promising people on 43T for quite some time
  4. get my ipod up and running again
  5. make Kimber’s cookies
  6. get some breakdown cover
  7. make decisions and act regarding the fruit cage
  8. wash car (or get someone else to wash it for me)
  9. submit K260 tma02
  10. revise
  11. sit DSE212 exam
  12. remake the curtain ties I made for Cm
  13. scrub the garden furniture
  14. clean the outside of the conservatory
  15. clean patio
  16. get frame for R’s picture
  17. get my E, T, R pictures up on the wall
  18. check & bottle liqueurs
  19. de-cobweb
  20. organise the greenhouse
  21. have the brakes checked
  22. clean inside windows
  23. read business plan for writers
  24. wash the floor
  25. find a cattery for Harri
  26. see a financial advisor
  27. do battle with slc to recover my divorce papers
  28. make date and rhubarb chutney
  29. write to UB
  30. register with a local dentist
  31. write to R
  32. vacuum pack summer clothes
  33. deal with the rust on my car
  34. sort sewing basket
  35. research wooden noah’s ark
  36. get frames for new prints
  37. make contact with P
  38. sort out the loft
  39. tidy under sink cupboards
  40. back up my photos
  41. remortgage the flat
  42. repair the lounge wall
  43. order E & S’s wedding photos
  44. defrost & clean the freezer
  45. blitz the airing cupboard
  46. get photos from laptop
  47. make cloths for round tables
  48. blitz wardrobes

ad infinitum… :)

Saraband has gotten 18 cheers on this goal.


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