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celebrate the seasons

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Here’s the list as it stands: a mixture of seasonal fayre spanning high summer to Christmas! It befits the transitory in-between feel in this corner of the world right now :)

• Damson gin – maturing already under the stairs
• Limoncello – I have the ingredients and I really want to give this a go even if it is the wrong end of the summer so maybe is not strictly seasonal
• Sloe vodka – just found some sloes from last year in the freezer. Seems a shame to waste them ;)
• Wild plum chutney – quantities of plums are waiting in the fridge and need using fast. I have everything else I need so hopefully tomorrow for this one
• Wild plum mincemeat – just came across a rather nice-sounding recipe so if I have some wild plums to spare this will be next
• Spiced elderberry jelly – the hedgerows are groaning with elderberries and I’ve never yet made anything worthwhile with them. I tried elderberry rob once; it tasted like a particularly nasty cough medicine but with none of the soothing benefits. This recipe sounds promising. If I have time before the season is over.

And I also want to go blackberry picking. Plus the apple tree is calling to me, And the garden plums need picking NOW….


twixt the seasons...

I can’t quite make up my mind about the season. It is still August and it ought to still feel summery which it does – sometimes. But autumn is always hovering. It’s fairly non-descript here today – though dryish at least. But a couple of days this week have been wonderful. Cool and misty early mornings but with clear promise of better things, and sure enough, within an hour or two we’ve had gorgeous, mellow, late summer days: warm and golden. It’s so much quieter at this end of the summer. The birds have given up on their frenzied singing competitions and there’s no longer a sense of urgency in the growing and the blooming and the gathering. We still have tractors and combine activity but it’s sporadic now. The silos are filled. I like this drowsiness; this more gentle, winding down of the summer. And I’ve noticed the robin singing again: very pure and clear.

Not that I’m keen to see the summer gone of course. Not that we’ve really had a summer! But the signs of impending autumn are hard to ignore. Leaves are turning; hedgerows hang heavy with elderberries, haws and blackberries; mornings and evenings are chilly and sharp. And the evenings draw in inexorably. I’ve not seen any swallows gathering on the wires yet though, so officially – it’s definitely summer still :)


I’ve been meaning to add something of this sort for a while. I’ve only just realised that one of my favourite 43ters has had exactly the goal I was looking for on her list for some time.

It’s nice to be in good company :)

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