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have clear skin


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sarah11yeah has written 3 entries about this goal


yay! basically after trying every acne product in the store and trying a bunch of really stupic home remedies, i finally have clear skin. the solution? i grew out of it. one day i just woke up and it was gone for no reason, besides the fact that i’m 18 now instead of 13. sweet.

yet another new plan

today i am starting the regimen featured on the site. Has anyone tried this? i hope it works.

new plan

so i’ve tried everything, and i mean everything. my most recent experiment was with an egg mask, which went terribly. i think it increased my acne. so my new plan is to just get rid of it all. ill still use cleanser to remove make-up, and i’m putting tea tree oil on my current pimples, but besides that i’m doing nothing. its been so long since i did that, it might just work.


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