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eat healthier

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I'm doing this!

I’ve started using Sparkpeople to track what I eat. I’ve been eating 5-7 fruits and veggies a day, avoiding sweets, and drinking 8 cups of water a day for about a month now. I’m going to wait until I go back to college to see if that messes me up but if I can can keep it up for a month after I get there, I will consider this goal accomplished!

really difficult for me

This is probably the hardest goal for me for a variety of reasons. I have a mom who is a deep southern cook who loves her butter and carbs, and basically requires that I sit down for her dinner every night. My friends all love food and aren’t ashamed of it, which I love them for because I’m in a sorority and many times food lovin’ isn’t always the case, but still it makes healthy eating hard when no one else cares. Plus, I just really like food and lately I’ve been having this attitude where I’ve been really self confident which is awesome, but at the same time causes me to care less about weight gain, which causes me to care less about eating healthy.

However,weight loss is not the only reason to eat healthier, and I need to remember this. I want to live a long and healthy life. I want to feel great and be able to go on adventures backpacking and biking and mountain climbing, and I need to start preparing for these adventures now, so my body can be as capable as possible when I need it to be.

So I need to start drinking a lot more water(ive gone days before without drinking a glas), i need to eat lots of fruits and veggies(this isn’t too hard for me, i love them), stop eating sweets and empty carbs and all those other icky things(I eat desserts every day, sometimes twice, this is bad). Thats about all.


i’m still failing miserably at this goal. i eat dessert everyday, sometimes twice. i snack late at night. i eat multiple servings at dinner. i feel so ashamed for treating my body so horribly. i will try better tommorrow. i think this goal is really important for a fulfilled life.


I’ve been doing really horribly with this goal lately because I just started college. That means lots of late night snacking, tons of caffiene, and cafeteria food or eating out the rest of the time. I’m home for month now, and I’m going to take this chance to revise my habits.
I’m going to drink more water
eat more fruit and veggies
eat only one sweet a day
quit snacking after dinner
eat breakfast

I cant resist

so blue bell icecream was on sale, so naturally my mom bought the whole case. meaning of course that i ate the whole case. ok so not really ,but i did have today(not even kidding):

stephen’ colbert’s americone dream icecream in a waffle bowl
several scoops of mooliniam crunch icecream
the remainder of the chocolate chunk cookies in the cookie jar

i’ve never eaten this horrible in my life. if I eat really healthy the next 4 days and i mean REALLY healthy i might consider this goal accomplished, but probably not.


I haven’t eaten sweets for 3 days! plus i’ve discovered flavored water, which is delicious, and makes it easy to drink my 8 glasses a day. now i’m going to start eating a lot more fruits and veggies and a little less peanut butter and greasy foods.

its official

I am eating healthy starting now. I will not mess up this time no matter what. Everybody on 43 things, please hold me to it.

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