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Try Korean dishes~

Last weekend, Ryan, a korean friend, invited Susan and I to eat in a korean restaurant, where he believed is more korea. Yep, it’s a very typical korean restaurant, even the waiter can communicate with Ryan in his mother tougne. It’s a good idea that try an exotic food with the right person. We learnt how to eat korean food, starting from the order of eating, plus typical dishes and method. It’s more like what plays on TV. HEHE~ Also, we tried the wine that I’ve seen thousands of time in korean tv plays. After finishing, I have one feeling: it’s not my type:) anyway, it’s great to have a shot_

I got two more piercing on my right earlobe~

It’s a plan and also not. I intend to have my right ear pierced but haven’t decided when cos I’m such a planner. I’m somewhat impulsive after I watched a movie and the ear rings the actress wearing are so nice! and it’s kinda weird to wear just on one side(I have two on the left side). Today is a cool day and I’m not in period and won’t have any job interviews in two weeks so it’s perfect time:) Although it’s a little bit hurt and swollen, I bought a pair of ear rings I have longed for longn time, as comfort. After healing, I will do a new hair style to match my ear rings and I’m looking forward._

Need stimulas in my life~

From Sep. to the end of the year, I am involved in many stuff and nearly lose my mind. Last weekend, when I cannot hold on, I gave myself a day off and go out with my friend. That’s awesome! We found a excellent restaurant to eat hotpot and I bought a very beautiful dress I want for long:) What’s more important, I have been recharged and refreshed! I would like to add the goal and keep to have fun in busy life_

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