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Read the entire Bible

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I’ve read it at least once a day for the last 6 days!


I’ve been inspired and I’m back to reading the Bible again. I’m not doing any sort of order or study or even really keeping track, but it’ll just be good to get back into reading it again.


I can’t remember the last time I just sat down and read. I want to tonight. This week will heed improvements on this one.


I’m currently reading a book that Christina lent me called Redeeming Love and it is amazing and it refers to the Book of Hosea and I’m really inspired to go read that now.

I’ve really been sucking at this goal lately but I hope to pick it up again right now.


I have recently fallen in love with PROVERBS!


I’m so inspired right now!
I went up to church after school on Friday to talk with my youth director ladayz Brenda and Deanna and then we started talking about the Old Testament and about all these really cool stories that I didn’t even know existed and I’m so excited to start reading with focus! WEEEE! It’s so cool to just like talk about stuff like that and have epiphanies and feel your own understanding of the world and other religions grow.

:| :]

I had hoped to have this completed by 2008, but unfortunately it is not completed.

I need to set out a game plan for this one.
My problem is that at night I just flip open my Bible and read whatever it goes to, but for some reason I always end up in Ezekiel or some random Old Testament book and the Old Testament makes me sleepy. I need to be more focused and have a better plan with this goal. Whenever I end up in the Old Testament I just say nawww and flip over to Psalms and then go to bed. I need to set aside some time for this when I am not drowsy. Sometimes I read my mini purse Bible at school when people are pissing me off big time, but I usually just go to the gospels and I’ve already read those, but it is good to read them again because THEY SO GOOD. anyways…

New Years Resolution 2008: Finish da Bible


I have really been sucking at this lately.
At night I flip open the Bible on my bed and read whatever I flip to, but for some reason I keep coming up on Ezekiel and, athough this is bad, the Old Testament and I still don’t really hang out much… so… instead of reading what I flip to I just go to Psalms and read one of them each night.

When 2008 starts I’m going to set up a plan so I will finish this by the end of next year or hopefully sooner.

My mini-purse Bible has come in handy though. When people are ticking me off in class by talking about stupid things, swearing, making fun of people, etc. I just get it out of my purse and read anything in it to keep from thinking angry things at them. It (usually) works! :]

Also I have been keeping one of my Bibles on the passenger seat of my car and lately I have been driving to play practice, which is kinda far-ish, and I get there early and sit in my car and read before I go in. That’s really peaceful and fun woo!


I have been slacking major, but I just finished reading a book about faith and I am currently reading a book by St. Thomas Aquinas. Still, I understand it is not the same. I will work on this and I need to allot more time for this as I have been really busy lately.


So cool! I read through most of Tobit and all of Matthew between Tuesday and Wednesday and then the reading at church was from Matthew so I was thrilled to understand the context of the passage and not just the little excerpt they had. I skipped to Acts because some one told me they enjoyed that book and I am currently enjoying it as well. Hoorah!

Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.
Matthew 12:34

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