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Lose 75 pounds

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sarahinparis has written 2 entries about this goal

I've lost over 40

I’m not sure what the final weight will be, I don’t have a “goal” number in mind, I do know I want to be a size that is in the regular stores, and not the very top one (so I would be able to try on two sizes and see what fits me better). Mainly I know I can eat this way forever, and at a certain point my body will decide it’s done losing weight, and then, voila, I’ll be at my “goal” I guess I’m more than halfway there in terms of weight, and probably 1/3 there in terms of time (I assume it will take much longer to lose the second half)

I Confess

I just changed this goal, I had “Lose 50 pounds” as my goal, but I need to lose ANOTHER 50, I’ve already lost 25.

I want full credit for the full amount, even if the 75 number is much scarier.

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