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Learn Spanish

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Putting Spanish on hold for now

porque voy a hacer un intercambio en Francia el semestre próximo…
Así debo concentrarme en francés. Espero que puedo visitar España cuando estoy viviendo en París :)

I have just completed

a 3 week 24 hours per week intensive spanish course. Was good.
Now… to do the next one and go into second year spanish at uni?? Or to cruise along and be bored in 2nd semester??? Hardly any choice, just the $3.000 makes the decision a bit more interesting.
Yay for Dfee

I have just signed up for summer school

Super expensive, but I am not doing much at the moment so I figure it’s worth it just to have something to do!

Super intensive spanish course to go over the basics and get me a subject ahead in my degree…


Hopefully I will be able to make a good start on this next year!

Taking Span 1601 and 1602, would love to go on exchange.


So, what actually happened was they told me I was too advanced for 1st semester beginners Spanish (pfff there were people who had lived in Sth America for a year there!!!) so I was told I could start at the beginning of 2nd semester. Not sure if this will work (ie they are probably too far along, I really dont speak that much spanish) but hey lets hope it will. Sem 2 starts in August…

Have started officially

at uni. it’s pretty lame because it’s a repeat of the other times I have learnt Spanish. Not that I’m perfect, just that it’s annoying repeating. I’m going for a grading tomorrow, to see if they think I could go into the next level up who knows!

spanish class

øv øv i was so excited about Spanish… but the lack of ‘beginners’ in the title of the class misled me.
I am now learning how to say cómo-se-llama-me-llamo-sarah
qué-hora-es-son-las-tres again

sooooo disappointing. I’m continuing anyway, even though i’m only here for another month. i’m going to try and do some writing task type things but i’m not motivated at all.

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