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Not be so shy

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Marking as done

I have done well and am much better at talking to new people – my biggest issue was with awkward silences. But I have improved way beyond expectations :)

I think I'm much less shy now

I do and say crazy things and am better at meeting people. I think I’m more confident because of my last year and it has raised my self esteem. Although I feel much less shy when I think I look good. So maybe it is extremely related to self esteem. Therefore: To be the extremely extroverted I would need to lose a little weight. Not much – I don’t want to be a lollipop, about 5 kilos. But hey, Ive been thinking that since forever, and I dont even know how much I weigh. And it’s more about firmness and measurements anyway.
And I want a haircut!
I am still awful at making conversation with people I have no interest in and doubt I’ll ever see again. Not so good. How can I fake interest? Or even better actually be interested?


My efforts seem to be paying off.

Basically I’ve been making an effort to be friendly and open and talk and ask questions.

I’ve met a whole lot of new people – one of my friends had a party on the weekend, and one of the girls I met I’ve seen twice since then and we had good conversations. Also in the language classes I do, every time you sit in a different place, next to someone new.

What happens though, when you can’t think of anything else to say? This happens to me. I sit there and rack my brains for something to say, because there is just nothing to say. Maybe I should learn some random facts to air in these silences. I should listen to “the facts of life” by Lazyboy more often then… maybe they’ll sink in subliminally :)

it's hard...

I’m in nuuk and i’ve only been here for a week and a half, so the only people i’ve met are from my handball team and a few randoms who i’ve talked to for a few minutes at the most while out and about.
I want to go out on friday but am petrified of sitting by myself the whole night. it can be hard here because i don’t speak greenlandic and my danish isn’t perfect. I don’t want to go home early either – i haven’t been out on the weekend since the week before i left denmark… three weeks ago! aaah

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