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Become a Doctor

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Finally, I am a doctor!!!

After all these 6 years of studying, all the hard-working time, missing holidays with family, I am done!! Yes, I’m finally a doctor! I feel great and it’s surely worth it! _

5th year

I’m half way done with my 5th year now.
Can’t believe soon I’m gonna be an extern! >.<


It’s a lot less pressure than Internal Medicine Ward, by mean of the attending professors an all.

First Rotation :: Internal Medicine...

Wow! I can’t believe time is coming so fast!
My 4th year has started off with my first rotation in Internal Medicine. And never once in my life, I felt this harsh and stupid before. You know, lots of pressure from the attending and everyone around. But in a few weeks(with the help of Harrison’s), I started to get used to it and started to really enjoy it. It was sad though to see my very first patient died…
Anyway, 2 months of Internal Medicine was great. I’ve seen a lot of what it takes to be a doctor from the interns and of course, the attending. Some are my role models, while some aren’t.

GI tract

So, i’m back to school now. :P
And we’re studying about GI tract.
Today we have dissected abdominal area and internal organs like stomach, liver and intestines. It was exhausting but fun! hehe…

on hematology

This is the last block of the first semester of the 3rd year.
And the diagnosis of myeloproliferative malignancy laboratory is pretty confusing, though. Yet, I have an exam coming up in the next 2 weeks!
I just wish It had 34 hours a day!!!

my 2nd year

sometimes I’m not sure that this is exactly what I want to do in my life, becoming a doctor. you know, with lots of hard work and no time for going out or hanging out with friends. I think I lose my inspiration then…


It’s really my first goal to become a doctor.
I’d been working real hard in High School just to get in medical school. They always say that the easiest part is to get in. Studying medicine would be something tougher than that. Through all my first year, as a medical student, I become to think it’s quite true. I have to admit the fact that people here are so damn smarter, cleverer than me. Plus, friendship is hard to be found among them people. There was one time I felt like I just wanted to give it all up. But then, there was some sensation reminding me once again about the reason why I want to become a doctor… That’s right. The reason I’m here is because I want to be a doctor, not to be smarter than anyone else. When we think we get what we want but we still don’t get it yet, we sometimes overlook the real reasons why we’re doing it. But that’s alright. It’s still a long way to go! Fighting!

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