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I think I’ve done this and I am hoping that it stays this way. I am enjoying myself. I think in a year I’ll give the old heave ho to my meds.


Feeling good these days. I don’t really want to go to my check up, because well I don’t feel like I need it and I’m too cheep to pay the co-pay.


I had this bizarre dream last night that truly upset me. I don’t know why it affected me so and even when I told my husband it sounded ridiculous. It represents that hurt that I’ve always had that I’m not naturally a sweet. I have to completely go out of my way to be a sweetheart and this has always bothered me.

Are they real or are they placibo?

I don’t really notice much of a difference if I forget to take my medicine. That is unless it has been a few days, then I sink very low and I am a badger to be around. I don’t like it.


I hate days when I am sad or confused when I should not be at all. Everything is going great and I know it, but can’t bring myself to be cheerful. Yuck!

Have any of you ever had this experience?

This could be the most frusterating thing about depression: When you go to the pharmacy and there is some complication with your meds and they don’t even care or act concerned. I went to the pharmacy 3 times last week to fill my meds and I needed prior authorization from my insurance and had to wait for that to go through. I haven’t been on my meds for a week and it destroys my life. They don’t even care that I have to live my life during the whole wait. Do they even know what depression means?

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