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kiss him again


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Worth it.
We both know it was wrong, and things just aren’t the same between us. I doubt they’ll ever go back to how they used to be now.

I feel sort of bad.

Ok. This SHOULD NOT have happened, which was exactly why I took it off this list…but the past few weeks, we’ve gotten A LOT closer. And I guess one thing led to another. He’s moving tomorrow, and I guess we both wanted/needed something to happen. It’s just not going to be the same without him. And I don’t know. I tried so hard NOT to let it happen, but the inevitable ended up happening. We’ve always had a thing for one another, it’s just, him dating one of my best friends makes it bad. I told him that, but he said he didn’t care. We’ve both agreed to keep it on the D.L though. If anyone found out, shit would most definately hit the fan.
I don’t regret it though. I care about him way too much to see him go without one more good time.


this one isn’t going to happen. we’re both happy where we are at the moment, we’ve sorted things out and we’re just as close as we were before. but we’ve moved on, we’ve found others, so i’m happily giving up on this one :)

Probably not.

So, this one is probably not going to happen. He’s back with his ex (my best friend), and I’m pretty sure this one is going to last. And I want it to, because I know it makes both of them happy. But still, anything can happen, so this one might still fall into place. Will keep you posted.


This one probably won’t happen. He’s moving sometime this summer, and he just happens to like one of my best friends. But it happened once, it can happen again, right? That kiss was the single most amazing kiss of my life. Granted, it did screw a LOT of things up, but I would give anything to have it happen again, even if it did mean giving up my friendship with her. That’s a horrible thing to have to sacrifice, but I would be willing to do it. No one ever kissed me the way he did, and if it doesn’t happen again before he leaves, I don’t know what I’ll do!


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