Wundergrl21 in Portland is doing 34 things including…

Find Maya and bring her home

12 cheers


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Wundergrl21 has written 10 entries about this goal

Alright, long shot of the longest possible long shot variety...

I emailed your story to the Today Show.

Other than that, I’m hitting a concrete wall up here in Oregon.

Pink collar...

but that’d have to be a really bad camera for this cat to be Maya :(

Hoping for a miracle.

I just emailed the shelter, along with links to pictures of Maya, and asked for more pictures of ‘Bailey’. Crossing my fingers!

*‘Bailey’s’ paws don’t appear to have white on them like Maya’s but…

Oh how I wish this were her!

I wish there was a better picture of this girl and the location doesn’t fit, but you never know…


*edit: Okay, it’s actually only 31 miles and cats have been known to travel long distances and I know it’s over the river, but maybe she hitched a ride with someone and then got away from them too??

If you have extra cheers today...

Prof. Wormwood could use a good cheer bombing today, so if you have any, please send them her way. I’m sure she will post later and you will see why she needs the cheers.


Joined some Ashland groups on Facebook – posted the link to the cause and asked if anyone has seen her.

Any help from them?

Boyd County Animal Control

Long shot...

Cat found in Glasgow, KY

Crazy cat lady...

She has 5 cats and lives in Ashland. Bet she’d be willing to join the cause!


From The Daily Independent in Ashland, KY:

FOUND CAT- resembles Tabby, orange & red, white belly/paws. Found at Refinery off ramp on Rt. 64.(304)736-9545.

Wundergrl21 has gotten 12 cheers on this goal.


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