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play dates

K was invited to two play dates this week. I was so excited that I didn’t have to initiate things for a change! Wednesday night she played baseball and soccer with AN and last night she went to the jungle gym with MB.


K woke up yesterday looking more like me than ever before. It was her half birthday and it really did seem like there was a change in her. She looked and acted more mature than the day before. It’s hard to believe she’s five and a half already, but at the same time, with how much she is learning and growing, it’s also difficult to grasp that she’s only five and a half. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she is still a baby, my baby; the person who made me a mother. ♥


I spent forever trying to pick the right medicine for K at Rite Aid tonight. There are way too many options. I finally found one that matched her symptoms and didn’t include a fever reducer. I even got the big bottle to save money over time. I took the time to compare ingredients and made sure to get a flavor she would like. This was no willy nilly purchase.

She didn’t like it.


We still had another dose or two of the last medicine we bought, which does include fever reducer. I gave her some of that while J went back to the store to return what I bought and to get another bottle of the one we know she’ll take. She doesn’t have a fever, but she does have an earache, so I guess it’s all right in the end.

We kept her home from school on Monday and I think we’ll keep her home tomorrow too. It’s good that she went today, because I think she had her TAG testing. I hope we get the results of that soon.

sick again

K came down with another cold this week. We all had it by Tuesday, but it wasn’t very bad and we decided to still go to the annual Christmas Eve party that our friend’s family puts on. K had so much fun running around and playing with the other kids that she only ate a few meatballs, plus she drank some apple juice and water.

When we got home she said her stomach was upset. We let her open a few gifts to take her mind off of it. Then she laid down by the tree and fell asleep. A few minutes later she woke up and started vomiting. In the middle of the night I finally remembered we had Zofran from when she was discharged from the hospital. I gave her one and she only threw up once more after that.

She wouldn’t even come downstairs to open her gifts on Christmas morning, so J took them up to her. Then she was too weak to open them, so J started each one and she pulled off the rest. She sipped some water in the morning while opening presents, then fell right back to sleep. I gave her another Zofran at noon with some milk after she’d been up a bit and said her stomach was still upset. Then she went back to sleep and slept the rest of the day. When she was awake she asked for a Slurpee, then later when she woke up she asked about it again and J went to get her one, but by the time he got back with it (maybe five minutes) she was already asleep again. She woke up later and drank most of her Slurpee and asked for cereal, but she wouldn’t touch the cereal and wouldn’t drink the Gatorade that we gave her. She stayed up for a little while watching Netflix on the iPad, then fell asleep again.

K slept all night, waking up once to use the loo and once when she had a nightmare. She’s still asleep now and hasn’t had anything to eat in over 36 hours. She got a lot out when she used the bathroom, so I don’t think she’s too dehydrated, but I don’t know how long she can go without eating. Hopefully she’ll be feeling well enough to eat when she wakes up.


We took K to the ER Saturday night after the doctor on call advised us to. She had been vomiting for 44 hours, had a sore throat and painful stomach, and had a low grade fever the day before. She also told me that the last time she had tried to use the restroom nothing came out.

It took five attempts and four nurses to get the IV line in, because her veins were flat from being so dehydrated. I held her hand each time and used my free hand to shield her face so she couldn’t see the needle. I’ve never seen her so terrified before. She begged and begged for them to stop and I wanted to tell them to just leave her alone, but I was more scared of what would happen if they couldn’t get a line.

She stopped vomiting just before they got the IV started. The last time was bile and it looked like antifreeze. I’d never seem vomit that color before. It freaked me out, but the doctor said that she didn’t have anything left to throw up.

We got to the hospital around 9:30p and the doctor made the decision to admit K around 4:45a, after she had slept for a few hours, had three bags of fluids and was still showing signs of dehydration. He asked us what we wanted to do and we didn’t want to make the wrong choice (take her home or admit her), so we left the decision to him.

They set her up in a room in the pediatric intensive care unit and gave her another bag of fluids on a slower drip. There was a teddy bear on the bed when we got to the room and K named it Goodie. She and Goodie got a few hours of sleep while J and I tried to get a little sleep on the fold out bed, him curled at the bottom and me curled at the top. We were very uncomfortable and the room was freezing, so we didn’t get much sleep.

When K woke up she wouldn’t stop playing with the bed controls and was showcasing her amazing sense of humor. It was obvious that she was feeling much better. The doctor came in and said that if she could hold down food and drink she could go home later that evening. Around 2p K was asking to go home and she had kept down everything. We asked the nurse who asked the doctor and we got the okay to be discharged about an hour later with a prescription for Zofran.

Before we could leave, the IV line had to be removed from K’s arm and that was a huge ordeal due to all of the bandages that needed to be removed first. One of the nurses in the ER had a trick to get the Tegaderm bandage to literally melt away, but none of the other nurses knew how to do it and we couldn’t remember what she used. K wouldn’t let the nurses touch the bandages, so I used adhesive remover pads and worked them off bit by bit, with K crying the entire time. The nurse gave K two toys to go home with for being brave.

K and I both fell asleep at 5:30p Sunday evening. We were all exhausted. She stayed home from school today to rest. Her appetite is pretty much non-existent and her throat and stomach were still bothering her, but her energy is coming back and she’s been in good spirits. The doctor said to keep an eye out for signs of appendicitis, because the appendix can become infected with gastroenteritis.

She’s going to try to go to school tomorrow. I told her that if she needs to come home the school will call me to pick her up. I think she’ll be fine, but I don’t think I’ll be completely at ease for a few more days.

Meanwhile, my nephew was sent home from school on Friday for vomiting. He’s six months older than K. He didn’t vomit anymore after going home, but he had a fever, was lethargic and had congestion. Last night my brother noticed a rash on him. Today his mom took him to the ER where they live and he was later transferred by ambulance to the PICU at the hospital K was at. Initially they thought he had scarlet fever, but now they think it’s strep throat. He also has an ear infection and is being treated for dehydration. They expect that he’ll be in the hospital for a day or two before being released.

Girl Scouts

It looks like K will finally get a troop soon! I received an evite today to a Girl Scout meeting that is being held on December 17th and the invite said that troops will be assigned then. K’s been a Girl Scout for two months now and I was beginning to think there would never be a troop for her. I’ve never felt comfortable with other girls/women and K has always preferred to be friends with boys rather than girls. I’m hoping this experience will help her grow up to be a woman that is comfortable with other women and that it will teach her things about being a girl that nobody ever taught me.


I’m getting really worried about what we’ll do with K while I’m in the hospital having the baby. Best case scenario is that he comes while she’s at school or at least during the day. If it’s during the day she can go to My Little Waiting Room at the hospital for up to 3 hours at a time, with I think an hour between visits. If he comes at night or on the weekend, we’re pretty much on our own. MS has said she can take her overnight, but only if she’s not working the next day and she doesn’t seem very committed to it. Plus she has guests coming for a couple of weeks and I don’t want to put the extra burden on her. FIL hasn’t offered to help at all in any way and has been completely self absorbed since he got into town (a rant for another post). Ideally we’ll be able to find care for her just during the delivery, then J can go home to be with her and bring her back during the day. But… nobody has offered to help out and I don’t know whom else to ask. I don’t feel like there’s anyone local that would be happy to help without it being an inconvenience to them. I’ve read online that some people have the sibling in the room when they deliver, but I really don’t think that would be the right situation for K. I’m thinking of asking my nephew’s mom, but she lives 30+ minutes away and I’m not sure if she’d be able to come pick K up or if we would have time to do the hour round trip from here to there to the hospital. Blergh. This is giving me a massive headache.


We took K in for her blood work this morning. She was very brave and only cried when the needle went in. I haven’t heard from the pediatrician yet, but the results were just emailed to me and every single one of them is within normal range. I was so relieved/happy/proud that I almost cried. None of the results were even on the low or high side of the range. Her BMI may say that she’s obese and the doctor may be able to tell by looking at her that she’s obese, but she is perfectly healthy on the inside and to me that’s all that matters. ♥


Yesterday, at her 5 year well check appointment, my beautiful, intelligent, kind, loving, amazing daughter was diagnosed with obesity. She is 99th percentile for weight and 87th percentile for height (she’s actually taller than that, but the nurse measured her height wonky and wouldn’t redo it). She has been referred to a nutritionist and has to go in for a full blood workup.

It was a long conversation the doctor had with me and the entirety of it took place in front of K. I think I was too shocked and heartbroken to think to ask for a nurse to take her out of the room. On the way home K said that she’s fat because “the doctor said I am”. I told her she is not fat, that we just need to make healthier choices. I reminded her how we had told her before that too much sugar isn’t healthy and I told her that the doctor is concerned that she’s getting too much sugar.

I was told to completely stop giving her juice, ice cream and candy, and to switch to non-fat milk. Her birthday party is tomorrow and she’s having a pinata and of course cake and ice cream. She said “but the doctor said I can’t have sugar”. I told her it’s a special day and she can have sugar at her birthday party.

The thing that really bothered me was the doctor saying that it’s not just her BMI, that she can see from looking at her that she is obese. I wanted to punch her right there. The attached picture is from June 30th – she doesn’t look obese to me. Is it just me? Does everyone else see her as obese? She looks healthy and happy to me.

What the doctor didn’t ask about was fast food. We eat out too often, especially with me being pregnant. I’ll cut back on the things the doctor said to, but I’m not going to eliminate them completely and I’ll switch from 2% milk to 1% milk, but not non-fat. The big change, though, will be eliminating eating out. We’ll save that for special occasions, something we’ve been wanting to do anyway but now have the catalyst to finally put into action.

I’m so angry about that dang label: obesity. I’m angry at the doctor. I’m angry about the type of society that we live in. I’m angry that this will be on her medical record forever. I’m angry at what this could do to her body image, an image that was extremely healthy until yesterday. But most of all I’m angry at myself. I feel like this is evidence of me failing at being a mother. I feel like I’ve let my child down. I feel like there’s something wrong with me for just seeing a beautiful child when I look at her and for not knowing something was wrong (is something actually wrong?!) and not doing anything about it. She is active, she eats well, she loves fruits and vegetables. She has always been high for weight and height on the percentage chart, ever since she was a few months old. This is just who she is right now. She’s five years old! This is not who she will be forever. Her body will change over time. Why can’t she just be a kid for now? Why does she have to have this label?

Traveling Soldiers

At night, along with her bedtime story, K likes me to sing her a song before she falls asleep. She always requests “Traveling Soldiers”, which is really Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks.

Sometimes after she falls asleep I go into her room and lay with her, brush the hair out of her face, kiss her on the forehead. I know that one day too soon she won’t let me lay with her anymore. Even sooner than that the baby will come and will take up a lot of the attention that would normally go to K. I worry about how that will affect her. Her world is going to change so much then.

Last night we used the grill for the first time of the year. She stood by the back door and watched the flames as they lit up the briquettes. I promised her that in a week or two we’ll buy jumbo marshmallows and roast them over the grill. That will be a first for her. It will be good preparation for her first camping trip in a few months.

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