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move out of my parents' house

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june the first: first day of my life

moved on sunday june the first.

first day of a NEW life!!

best thing ever!!


signed this morning, finally!!
so i’m hoping to move out by the end of next month.
i’m sooooooooooooo excited!!


in sign with the banck in 10 days!!
so I guess i’ll be moving in summer??


in sign with the banck in 10 days!!
so I guess i’ll be moving in summer??

God bless Lucca!

After many ups and downs, I have felt numb about this for a loooong time, i would have gone nuts if not.

But the last 2 weeks, since Lucca was born, God bless fim, the door has oppened, first tiny weenee step to move out!!


i feel awful.

sleeping in the living room, on a sofa bed.

i fall asleep crying everynight.


this is a nightmare


But this wont happen until number 1 is done: buy a house!!

I just can’t wait to live by myself, in my own little place, do or undo whatever I want to… I’ll probably have the house a mess and eat cereal out of a box, jajaja… like in college…

But it’s more important right now to move out than to buy a house, it’s not the need of ownership, it’s the need of indipendence, i think you all know what I mean…

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