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visit the Red Lion in Avebury with my wife

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A mutual promise

Something I was reminded of during our anniversary dinner (which was at a very fine vegetarian Indian restaurant, a favorite of my wife’s)...we met in college and ended up taking one or two courses together, including a course in archaeoastronomy, of all things. One of the ancient sites we studied was Avebury, in Wiltshire. The professor had been there, and in mid-lecture, while describing the place using an aerial photograph, he went off on a tangent about the Red Lion Inn, which is smack in the center of the great stone circle at Avebury, and supposedly is a wonderful place for a drink and a meal during or after tramping about looking at the stones.

Neither of us had or have ever been to Britain, but we both agreed this sounded great, and resolved, right then and there, to visit Avebury together and go to the Red Lion Inn (though I’m not sure we were even dating yet). We set a date ten years in advance, and have already blown right past that with nary a try at a visit, but we’ll get there someday…and this goal is to remind me of that.

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