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Improve my French

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Très amusant

My daughter just came home and found out she scored as runner-up in her school in a French poetry recitation contest, and is attending the county competition.

Meanwhile, back home...

Recently returned from Montréal. I got by passably on my French, but could probably stand to do better, as there were one or two times when people went too fast for me, and as many where I was stuck for a word and ended up having the conversation revert to English. Now that I’m back home, I’ll need to find someplace where I can speak the language at least semi-regularly in order to practice…

One way or the other...

Planning a trip to Montréal this Spring. One way or the other, I will definitely need to brush up…it would be so handy if there was anyone in my locality who spoke French – or if I had the time to study with them, even if I could find one…

Not doing very well with this

Wore my Canadiens sweater the other night to a local pub, and was idly trying to recall the last time I’d watched an NHL game in French, and what it was like. I couldn’t recall much at all, really. Disappointing.

When I know I've done it

All my goals have been something that I could actually known that I’ve attained easily except for this one.

I’m going to check this one off when I can have a conversation with a French-speaker, not revert to English, and not embarrass myself.

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