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Baltimore on Screen

We had Baltimore’s first public screening on Friday June 23rd at the VIFC. It was quite well received. Larry Pink’s score sounds amazing in a large theatre! The VIFC also has one of three optically perfect projectors in Vancouver and I’m told we still looked moody and beautiful.

The film’s now online at:

Please let me know what you think!

That's a Wrap!

Yesterday, we wrapped on my first film, “Baltimore.” Now it’s into the editing room. I anticipate the whole thing will be completed by the end of March. I’ll definitely post it online so people can watch it.

It was a great experience. You can only direct your first film once and I’m glad this was mine. My crew was amazingly dedicated and my actors were brilliant. I learned so much from this! I really can’t wait to see it finished.


I’ve been selected to direct our next film at Vancouver Film School! It’s our first actual 16mm film rather than digital video. It’s called “Baltimore” and it deals with the mysterious last week of Edgar Allan Poe’s life.

We’re casting next week so help spread the word!

At the end of his life, the famous author is a shell of his former self. An
alcoholic, depressed and driven to madness by jealousy and his obsession with
his dead child-bride, Poe finds peace only in his death. As in one of his
works, the main character’s obsession leads to his demise. He is tired and
withered but eloquent. His alcoholism has not erased his famous charm. The
essential archetype of the dysfunctional artist, his artistic persona
overshadowing his authentic self.

Married to Poe at age 13, Virginia has now been dead for two years. Her spirit
appears to Poe, guiding him through his life and leading him towards his death.
She is youthful, beautiful and otherworldly with captivating eyes. The only
light in Poe’s dysfunctional life, Virginia serves as Poe’s idealized object
for love. She cannot cope with being Poe’s only source of joy.

Poe’s mother in law and Virginia’s mother. She blames Poe for her
daughter’s death and resents his continued literary success. A stern, bitter
and cruel-looking matriarch, Maria guards the secret that drives Poe to madness
and death. She knowingly guards the validation and maternal approval desperately
sought after by Poe.

A young woman in love with Poe, or rather, in love with Poe’s fame.
Simple-minded, obsessed with fashion and popularity, Prudence has almost given
up on Poe who remains obsessed with his late wife, Virginia.

Auditions will take place between January 31st and February 5th. If you are interested, please contact our production office by phone or e-mail at:

Step One

Well, I’m now over a month in at Vancouver Film School. I recently directed a mini-documentary on the subject of “dessert.” I interviewed the owner of Cupcakes, a dessert restaurant in Vancouver.

Sure, the crew was only three people and the final product is only three minutes but I directed it!


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