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Exercise must be part of your life (or you'll die early)

I like to play tennis, go swimming, hiking, kayaking, walking. It’s not like I have a 6 pack or anything to gloat about, but I’m not too fat and I usually feel good.

I try to do something every day—walking is easy to fit in, park 2 blocks from the office and take the stairs. My schedule is walking about .5 miles every day, swimming 2 times a week, one hike/kayak/tennis session a week, yoga 10 minutes a day. Just fit it into your life (replace TV with it if you can).

I stay away from grueling, boring crap that I would avoid doing at all costs. Weight lifting eck.. No offense to weight lifters, but I would never even look at a weight. Also avoid people who are too much into exercize, they have crazy ideas about how much is good—”two hours or you’re wasting your time.. etc.”; this can be discouraging.

I recommend 5 things:
1. Do fun stuff that is healthy (walk,swim,hike,tennis)
2. Do something every day if you can. Rearrange small parts of your life to fit this in, like parking 2 blocks from the office (parking might be free here as an extra incentive).
3. Throw out your scale, and ignore nonsensical exercise advice
4. Go for a walk instead of TV
5. Stretching counts as exercize, if you’re over 30, learn a little yoga. Stretch for 5 minutes on your lunch hour.

Note: The picture is of me skiing, this is also good exercise (even if it’s just at camelback mountain in the poconos). Good luck!


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