seasonal in Sydney is doing 25 things including…

Pass Phase Two of my MBBS

28 cheers


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seasonal has written 20 entries about this goal

progress is being made, slowly

Got another assignment back, did well :)


Got results back from the scary exams, and I passed them both!

Just need to get portfolio back! However very difficult to fail that. So 5th year here I come :)


Just did the MCQ….

totally feeling half/half about it, could have gone either way.

not going to think about it, going for a run and more study



so sick of it…

thankyou cool night...

Today has been a ridiculously hot day, I spent most of the day trying to fend of a headache at working, while eating away at myself for my again falling through house issues (yes its happening again), as well as discussing quitting work for the next year, and endless endless paperwork, as well as the fact that I was at work when really needed to study. Popping panadols in an attempt to fend of the evil vicious headache coming upon me.

Tonight is cool though, and it makes me SO HAPPY. so happy. I can study in coolness of this evening/night, and I will get things done.

so happy.


I’m starting to feel more positive about this exam… somewhat.

Things to be completed this week
- BGD notes, pracs
- HM notes, pracs
- AE notes, pracs
- SH notes, pracs
- read clinical notes book

—> examinations every single day

Today I am

1. HM anatomy
2. AE notes
3. AE anatomy
4. cardio, resp, git, neuro run through
5. ecg revision


Today I am

- HM notes
- anatomy for HM
- pathological specimens for HM
- AE lecture notes
- AE anatomy
- cardio + respiraotry + gastro

Saturday Funtimes

Practical day – the day I go through all the practicals of the coursee

examinations, go through all examinations be perfect enough to perform them all on P tomorrow


begin going through lectures again

study friday night

I’m staying in on a friday night, how pathetically sad well… tonight I am

- finishing my portfolio

- revising BGD

- studying cardio and practicing the exam

- adding references to my interview to the group project

This is a hell of a lot of work, and I’m going to be so happy when I get all of that done :)

seasonal has gotten 28 cheers on this goal.


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