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seasonal in Sydney is doing 20 things including…

July Bootcamp 2012: Making an Olympic effort in the area I need to improve the most

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last day

Well, I didn’t get much of my last list done… but such is life. I did however achieve so much of my original July list – I am profoundly grateful for that.

It, like June, was a crazy month. BUT … my wish that it was to be less emotionally exhausting came true. Thankyou. Instead it was a month of coming returning to stability and calm. There are definitely aspects of my private life which are going a bit nuts. Like the fact that so many of my friends have big personal life changing events occurring to them… but I guess that’s an unavoidable aspect of your 20s.

I think this olympic amount of effort did reveal a problem. I decide to have many goals, and as a result I make lots of progress, but not perhaps targetted progress in the most important goals of all. This is not good. All my effort should be focused on graduating from medicine, from keeping on top of my studies. Everything else is secondary.

I also need to restore some more balance, and calm time back into my life. So it is that I take into the August bootcamp with me.

Goodbye July.

Finally finished my list!

That took forever, and to my july list

1.Complete pathology activities
2. Paeds case presentation
3. Mini cex and learning plan
4. Donate blood
5. Finish literature review
6. Flashcards for all of biomed note this goal I gave up as I realised it was a way for me to actually procastinate study
7. Casserole or two; this goal was stressing me out hugely
8. Write up pathology activities
9. Non fictional piece for arc competition
10. Cleanup paeds lecture notes
11. Keep on top of psychiatry


This was a very large list and I was getting very tired trying to get it all done. I was incredibly lucky having a week off in the middle so I was able to get a handle of some of the tasks.

I do feel I have cheated on the flashcards… even though I know it would have been more beneficial to just go through the guides and study them thoroughly. I still haven’t done that yet, I didn’t have time.

This is also the second month where I have struggled to get the casseroles/slow cooker going. Its partly because its hard to place restrictions and jobs like that on me. I also am going to give up on the goal this relates to of “use my slow cooker 10 times this year”. I feel I am trying to force it to happen and it just isn’t. Its good I know that but frustrating as I don’t like to give up on stuff. Even though I know this one is a fruitless endeavor. It would be easier if I had easy access to a supermarket, however at the moment, its one large hike and a heavy hike back. I am still cooking, but I’m cooking what is easiest at the time, what I feel like eating. Eventually when the cashflow eases a little I can get back into cooking with new if slightly more expensive ingredients, but now I’m going to give myself a break and focus on what’s easiest.

So my final To do list for the last 4 days of July

Due: 31st of July
1. Clean my room
2. Clean up psychiatry lectures
3. Get a draft of a case presentations done
4. John Snow application
5. Chest Pain thoroughly – teach the soft toy monkey
6. Lymphoma thoroughly – teach pilot teddy bear


Another list completed, and a key July goal achieved, go team seasonal! I am going to reward myself with a new ebook.

Being at home really helps. I am at this moment, snuggled in my warm bed with a cup of tea looking at a bird outside. Coming home has become a study retreat of sorts. One I’m really enjoying actually. It gives me the time and peace to focus on what I need to focus on. What is actually important to me. Separation from the world is good for the soul it appears.

New list time! These are goals which have been hanging me down for a while and I know it will feel absolutely fantastic to get them off of my list. However they’re still hanging there because they’re painfully large jobs. In recognition of this I am cutting down my list for 10 to 5 big goals, all of which I hope to complete by Sunday.

1. paeds activities up to date and polished
2. refugee mental health lit review, polished and sent off
- SDQ bit is done, now to the massive mental health part
3. submission of non fictional piece to the arc competition … this has been submitted, definitely not best work, and I wish I had actually spent more time thinking about a better topic, but that is okay. It was a good experience to feel what it was like to enter a competition, it will help me out next time to figure out the standard of the competition
4. beginning of flashcards for biomed
5. writing up of pathology activities

achieved my list early !!

I achieved everything almost everything on my list, the last two items just need for time to pass rather then any active movement on my part. Another list of 10 is in order :)

Focus on pathology activities

1. paeds lectures up to date
2. dysphagia and haematemesis
3. lymphoma
4. gall bladder and pancreatic disease
5. glomulonephritis
6. haematuria
7. haemopytsis
8. multi system disease
9. polyarthritis
10. renal failure
11. valvular heart disease
12. vascular disease
13. leukaemia

I’ve added an additional 3 to the list because they represent finishing this goal for the month. I know I can push through and complete all the tutorials this week.

to be completed by friday 6th of July

1. pathology activities
2. paeds case presentation
3. mini cex and learning plan

list of 10
1. bone pain
2. acute dyspnoea
3. anaemia
4. bone tumours
5. chest pain
6. case presentation
7. mini cex and learning plan signed
8. CNS tumours
9. CNS infections
10. endocrine disease

Refresh and reassessment

June was nuts, I hope for a quiester productive july

My focus on this month is university; graduating from medicine and smashing the biomed. however balance is important, so im going to continue include other side goals which support my main goal in this month.

1.Complete pathology activities
2. Paeds case presentation
3. Mini cex and learning plan
4. Donate blood
5. Finish literature review
6. Flashcards for all of biomed
7. Casserole or two
8. Write up pathology activities
9. Non fictional piece for arc competition
10. Cleanup paeds lecture notes
11. Keep on top of psychiatry

That should keep me busy

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