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I've really made the switch. After another week

After another week of full-time bike commuting I think that I will take this off my goal list. I will have done it. I’m doing it now. It has become very easy for me and very natural. I don’t think “oh I could use the car” anymore, I simply just hop on my bike and go. It’s just as fast, practically. Especially if I’m downtown. I need to figure out how much gas $ I’m saving so I can feel good about my commuter bike purchase. I think that it will take several months of bike commuting before I will have paid for the bicycle itself, but here’s to progress and here’s to saving the earth, one bike ride at a time!

Doing it practically every day

Now that I’ve been riding my bike consistently to work for just over 10 days or so, it seems that my perspective on travel has shifted. I now do not see my car as an option and I plan accordingly. It helps that my commute is pretty much the same in length whether I drive or bike. It is also good that when I ride my bike, I have a happier, more positive outlook than if I drove. Even though it is hot in the mornings already, it is worth it for the positive benefits. Not to mention the zero impact on the environment. I love it!!!!

Tomorrow is Bike to Work Day in Austin

I biked to work today, and I will tomorrow, too!

Tomorrow for Bike to Work day I’m going to ride to: One Texas Center, 505 Barton Springs Road for FREE breakfast and then to work! :)

I commuted on my bike today!

I got a new bike. It is heavy and pretty. It’s nick-name is Brownie right now but I think that is a little too girlie and cutesy for how awesome and retro this bike is. Anyway, I rode it to work today. I only had to walk up 1 super steep hill. It was fun. I loved the feeling of the wind on my face.

This is my new baby:

bike commuting info and helpful websites

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