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Find out what happens to Harry Potter

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Almost there!

Oh, the last book. It’s so close. I will devour it as soon as I get it and then read all of them one last time. I feel a bit sad about this though.

Oh Harry

So, I read book six. It was good. I’m sure most people atleast know who dies. Well, actually alot of people die, but I’m not saying. That would ruin it. I am re-reading all of the books right now, really going through them with a fine toothed comb and let me tell you what… it is way foreshadowed! I think I was almost expecting it when it happened, but before I had read it, I was in denial about it. I don’t seem to have the same fervor I had for the books I had before. It isn’t that they are any less wonderful, it is just that it is almost over and only so much can happen in one book. There are sooooo many things that I would like answered and I don’t think all of them will be answered in the prose itself. It kinda takes some of the fun away.I don’t even feel like guessing what will happen next. I think maybe I have come to peace with the books…

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