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lose fifteen pounds

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Three to go!

I weighed myself today, and I’m 143. My clothes are starting to get really loose, as opposed to almost needing to go up a clothes size. Even my husband is starting to really notice that I’ve lost weight.

Spend the week cheating on healthy foods...

This ends up being dinner. yucky.


Friday I weighed 147, and when I started this goal I weighed 155. I still haven’t started my exercise, that will be tomorrow morning. But I’m eight pounds down, seven to go. I’m eating healthier, eating less, I’m sleeping more,and have an actual schedule. I’m also happier and less stressed this semester, which is leading to better eating choices. I’m not craving sweets everyday now, and I enjoy eating my fruits and veggies more. :)


I lost weight while I was sick over the fall. Not being able to stomach food is apparently effective. >.> Anyway, I’ve been able to keep the weight off, I just need to lose ten more pounds.

My coworkers are starting a diet together, and invited me to participate as well. I think that this might be a good thing, because it will keep me accountable for eating correctly. And I’ll be motivated to keep with it because they’re having a competition to see who can drop the most BMI points. And I tend to get a little competitive with things like that.


Ok, so maybe running isn’t the best idea in the Florida heat. But walking works. :P As long as I get out of the house and moving I’m happy. And I managed to find one of those exercise balls. So much fun! School’s starting on Tuesday, and I’m really gunning to keep going after I get back into the mix.

Day One

I weigh 150 lbs. In six months I want to weigh 135.

I’m starting on a running program that will have me running three miles at the end of two months, which will be good consistent exercise for the remaining four months. I plan on running three times a week, and yoga on the days off.

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