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An article I saw and thought was interesting

For all you extra dieting, extra working out fans out there.

One Legged Pirate!

Hey everyone, I haven’t been here in a while.

Just for a quick update: my leg is better but I’m not allowed to do anything other than walking, running and cycling for three months. I was actually hoping to do some sports (aka wanted to join a martial arts club) this month, but… nope. Doctor’s orders. I’ll wait for next semester.

My weight is fluctuating a lot lately, from 45.5 to 46.5, my highest being usually right after the weekend.

Just wanted to say: come on people! you can do it!

Broken leg.

Heh, hi everyone!

Guess what? I broke my leg when I was out snowboarding. It was on my first day too! Now I’m like an old woman complaining about my knee all the time.

I ate like a pig during the trip, because there was not much for me to do with my leg like that, but I’ve kept my weight below 46kg, so I am alright.

I just wanted to say to you all good luck! Don’t give up! And happy white day!

I might have found a new job, but it’s not official yet, so wish me luck everyone! Oh, and I’m working for an old lady. I’m her English teacher and I’m also teaching her to use a computer. I hope to get a good stable job soon, so I can start saving for my new house. :)

make up, anyone?

Looking at pictures like this always amazes me.

It sort of makes me think that weight, beauty and everything else all depends on how you handle it. Good make-up and good clothes really help people look good (not to mention photoshop)... but what can you say about the way she is posing? What do you think about the way she conducts herself?

In one picture she has her hair tied up without much elegance and a smile that lacks all the confidence and in the other she is looking up, with a sort of sense of pride. It sort of made me think, so I was wondering what you thought.

Hey everyone!

Well, seems like last entry wasn’t really the last. Eh… I just missed you guys.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel I have to lose weight again, but I’m more on the maintaining my weight scheme.

For me losing weight is not something that stops altogether once you reach your goal. I’m still struggling with getting enough food and excercise to stay in line. I think I have made changes that I hope will affect my whole life. Starting with being more active.

I have neglected some of my exercises (cardio), but mainly because my house has been taken over (paiting), my sport shoes broke (so now I’m wearing a lot of high heels) and I can’t afford a gym. I have continued working with weights.

Next week I’ll make it all up. Snowboard week is here! I’m so looking forward to it! :) It’s been two years, but my brother said he’d teach me. If I feel too sluggish, I’ll just grab a pair of skiis instead. Finally I can do some decent exercise and away from the uncomfortable feeling of having a shower while some stranger is just outside… ughhh…

I hope you guys are all doing good!

Last Entry

Well, I know I haven’t written here much in the past month, but I think that’s because I feel I finished this goal some time ago. I just needed to prove to myself I could keep my good weight.

I reached 44.8 kg (around 98 pounds) and that’s as low as I want to go. I’ve lost 14 kilos (30 pounds) and my BMI is alright, so… it’s going to be a different battle now.

I’ve loved the time I’ve shared with all of you and I miss writing here, or “spamming 43 things” like my boyfriend calls it. I think that from now on, what I want to do is just to keep this weight, tone my body and learn how to dress better. I want to thank you all for your support and I want to encourage you all.

I’ve learned plenty of things the past 6 months… most of them are superficial things like “eating too little makes you fat”, but also I’ve learned that this IS something that’s possible if you do it the healthy way.

I haven’t really followed any diet, I don’t think I’ve starved myself (except those first few weeks) and as such I can’t really give you ONE answer as to how to lose weight. There’s just so many small tips that don’t mean anything if separate, but together (and done with patience and discipline) will get you where you want to be.

I know it is hard, sometimes too hard to keep it up every single day. I believe it’s alright to enjoy food from time to time and take your mind off dieting.

What else can I say? I’m working out so I can enjoy my snowboarding trip more. I quit that stressing job and I’m now looking for something else to do. I am still having problems with my university schedules and some courses (and that’s going to be my main focus from now on) and I am through with the online game that made me feel so inactive and lazy. I am happy with my weight now. I feel a lot more confident and proud of myself.

Best of luck y’all!


I’m 0.3kg up, which is not good and due to me eating more than I should have yesterday evening. But those mushrooms were delicious!

Today I babysit those terrible kids again (I’ll do this until I find a replacement or a new job) and I am nervous.

I think I’ll have my dinner at 4.30, so that I only need to have a small something while babysitting.

Going to do some exercise now. ^^ I want to be active again!

Edit: Wow, I didn’t know that listening to merengue would have me going at a really good pace and for some extra 10 minutes :)


This is a new lowest. Apparently the other day at 46.5 was just a fluke, since before that day I was at 45.8 and the day after at 45.5. Today I’ve kept that weight, but everything seems to be working fine.

I think it’s only a couple of weeks until I’m done losing and just get on with maintaining. I decided to go down to 44.8-ish and try to mantain from there.

46.5 again

I really messed up yesterday, so I hope I can bring my weight down again. Step by step…

I gtg because it’s our year and a half anniversary :)

Big hugs everyone,

Weekend :)

I’m having a good weekend and I think I’m doing the right things and eating right.

Went to see cloverfield but it didn’t made me dizzy, just in the beginning. But it did give me nightmares.

Anyhow, I hope you are all doing great! Best of luck~

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