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Tiny, little insignificant things.

Yup, yup. I’ve been thinking about this goal latley, and I figure I should start small until I’m really able to pass it forward.
Last Friday a girl dropped some lipgloss and was walking away, so I picked it up, catched up to her and returned it.
That same day I was on the school bus when I saw a familiar face walking past the bus than I knew he should be riding. So I got off the bus, and hollard his name, he said, “thanks Sue. ” and smiled as he looked for a seat.
all the school busses look alike, except for a number on the side, but sometimes it changes and others it’s not the same driver so it’s a bit tough to keep track and get on the right bus. a couple of weeks ago, someone did the same for me, and thanks to them i didn’t miss my bus.
i didn’t even know this person, but i guess that’s the cool thing about paying it forward. helping the unexpected. life is good. :)

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