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Bought a bunch of success cards for some friends

that have helped me quite a bit this semester. Hope they like the surprise.

Today, I wrote an email to a previously close friend

We used to be very close but after some incidents, decided not to talk to the other. It was one of those weird fights were no fighting words were exchanged. We just decided to not speak, inevitably holding grudges

Today, I decided to write this friend an email, asking for a favor. The friend then responded to my email by calling me and in the process we began talking about why we had decided to part.

All the real issues came out, the resentment, the pain, everything from both sides. A huge part of the problem was our interpretation of a series of events and our pride. We interpreted certain events as slights and decided that instead of talking to the other about it, we would just hold grudges.

We hashed out everything tonight, arguing, yelling, eventually apologizing and now finally, our friendship is on the path to healing.

This would have all been avoided if we had both TALKED about how we felt in the early weeks.

It’s amazing how not talking to a friend for weeks can escalate to the point where you feel the person is now a stranger

Since my goals include not only making but retaining friendships, I need to identify things that hinder its attainment.

And one of the things I have learnt tonight is that if I ever fight with a friend, I should not allow resentment to fester in my heart. Rather, I should talk to that person, presumably when tempers have cooled so that hurt feelings don’t build up.

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