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I realized the other day

that the most urgent person to forgive is myself.

I have been carrying a lot of guilt in my heart. The most important being

  • Guilt at allowing myself to date my ex despite the red flags. I feel so stupid

I thought that the major hurdle in my life was to forgive my ex but the truth is, it’s really me. I have been beating myself down for the longest time, asking how I could have been so stupid, how I could have listened to his lies and not my intuition

I am tired of beating myself up, I loved, I lost. I made a mistake. I want to forgive ME

I still haven't forgiven a group of people that have hurt me

I still have not. It is hard. My pride does not want it but it’s hurting me.

Something to help me with forgiving

Taken from a quote of a fellow 43 person

Imagine something stupid you did/said to/about someone once and if that person held it against you for the rest of their lives…Good thing most people don’t hold grudges.

Still working to forgive my Ex

His is one of the hardest. When I remember his betrayal, how he lied the entire time we were together and how he so easily broke his promises to me, knowing how vulnerable I am, it HURTS.

I am also finding it hard to forgive myself for not addressing the red flags when I saw them and for believing his words when his actions were the total opposite.

I want to forgive but it’s so hard.

I think a big part of my unwillingness to forgive is tied to the fear

that if I open myself up again, the person will hurt me

Okay, I am going to go ahead and forgive

these people who have hurt me. It’s been a while and I am the one constantly suffering. I have already taken what I need to take from the experience. Now, I need to free myself of this burden.

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