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livin light....

i’m so good at keeping my living space simple and declutered, yet artful and confortable. as many of you may have experienced, when my space is cluttered so is my mind. it’s amazing how simply getting rid of unnecessary items brings about clearer thinking.

when i moved to my new place i got rid of sooo much ‘stuff’. my boyfriend works at a thrift shop and used to always spontaneously bring me things he finds there. i always appreciated it and adored many of them, but i had to kindly let him know that i really need to keep my space simple and clutter free. now he asks before bringing me things. his place is filled up with all types of neat furniture and other pieces he’s found. while i can appreciate it, it’s just a bit much for me. i don’t know what we’ll do when we decide to move in together, lol!

what i need to work on next is cleaning up my computer. hundreds of files and pics need to go.


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