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study abroad in japan

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It’s almost done!!! I am finished in just two more months, it’s so weird.
I just got a decent part-time job here, and I wish I did it wayyyy sooner, because I would have so much more money, probs could have paid back my loans. _; All well lol.


I am studying abroad now, it’s fun but it’s sooo expensive, I would just advise everyone to get a temporary job in the country they want to live in and do it that way…also if you have a significant other in your home country (like I and many of my friends do) you will be really homesick, so I advise either not having a SO or bringing your SO when you go abroad unless it’s only for a few months or something. It sucks being apart!


I got accepted to a study abroad program for a year in Tokyo! I am working hard now to make money for the adventure. C: Still have to get a visa and everything. C:


I sort of did this, but it was very unofficial. I got lucky and went with my friend to Japan to stay with her family, then I stayed with my uncle who just happens to live there, and then I got to go to a private high school for three weeks for free (and I’m in college, lol!). But I really miss Japan and I want to go back again, this time for a year. I want to go to either Osaka or Tokyo this time. Does anyone know a college with a good study abroad program in those places?


Lol, this goal will not happen for at least another year or two. I want to do this my sophomore year of college.

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