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I’m still not fluent, my Japanese still isn’t great, but I feel like I am at a point where I can say I know Japanese. My grammar is shitty but I am consistent, I speak and write the same way. I know a lot of kanji, not all of them, but maybe like 700. When I hear Japanese I understand most of it, I can reply to most of it, and I can play video games in Japanese without a problem, and read manga or whatever. I’m working right now on learning harder words so I can understand the news and I’m trying to read more novels so I can get better in general.







Just so everyone knows, learning Japanese is A LOT easier when you have a friend to learn with and talk to. It also helps to have a Japanese friend who you can ask for technical help, hahaha.


I have been working on this! I made it my major in college, and all I can say is that studying it more in class has made me love the language and the country and its culture more than ever, I am utterly obsessed with it. I joined the Japanese Club at my university and it is awesome! I have made so many friends there and we go on lots of fun Japanese-related trips, plus I meet people who I can speak with. Also, I joined the Japanese Conversation Club. All of these things have helped me.
Sure, people here complain about Genki, but I like it, I find it useful. The trick is to not only use Genki, but use slang books, talk to other students (One of my friends in my class and I meet up weekly and speak to each other only in Japanese, and our teacher helps us), watch TV shows, read Japanese books, etc.
Try your hardest everyone! :]


Lol, this sounds kinda dumb, but I have been pretty much studying Japanese on and off since I was ten. I started because my fifth-grade teacher taught our class some Kanji to enrich us culturally. It was kind of a Japan week, like she taught us how to use chopsticks and gave us ink and brushes and taught us simple characters like mouth, man, tree and mountain. She learned that stuff because she had taught really little kids in Japan, I’m not sure why. She was probably an English teacher, like most foreigners, haha.
But anyway, you would think that my Japanese is amazing, but not really. It has been very on and off so I learn a lot and then forget a lot, but the knowledge always comes back when I hear people speak Japanese to each other. So I realized last week that my Kana had become very rusty so I have been practicing it all over again. The thing is that I can remember the characters so I can read them, but then when I go to write them I forget the stroke order and stuff, so I have to relearn them all.
Also I had learned a lot of Kanji with the Chinese and Japanese readings and everything, but I have basically forgotten those, too.
Go me! :D Not. Lol.
But in this post I might as well recommend Pimsleur to anyone here trying to learn the language, it really makes the phrases stick to your brain. I did Pimsleur two years ago and I still remember what it taught me. It’s a very good program.
When I go to college next year I plan to eventually go and study abroad in Japan and take classes, so I can finally be immersed in the language and become fluent. And if any hoes come up to me and start saying racist shit like, “Your Japaneze es beri weirdu,” I’ll be like SO IS YOUR ENGLISH HOE. Hahaha jk.

rawr learning

I’m so lazy…I learned Japanese like, half way, then stopped for a year, and I have forgotten most of it…

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