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Getting back on track

Put on 5lbs over the holidays, too much pasta. I’ve lost 3 already cutting out the pasta and bread. I love oatmeal but I hate cleaning the pot. I came up with a no cook oatmeal recipe.
1/2 cup uncooked Trader’ Joe’s Irish Oatmeal, 1 cup frozen berries(I use the Trader Joe’s frozen berries with cherries) 1 tsp or tblsp coconut oil and stevia to taste.
Slow cook frozen berries on stove until warm, put berries and oatmeal in bowl (uncooked) add stevia to taste and coconut oil. Mix together and yummy! This is really filling and I just had to share. The pot for the berries is way easier to clean then the oatmeal pot used to be.


I got on the scale this morning and I have gained 10 more lbs in the last 2 months. Okay it’s all the carbs since I became vegan. I sat down and wrote a food plan for the next week and I’m sticking to it. Nothing too crazy 6 small meals no grains. As well, I think it’s a good day to amp up my workouts. It’s Kenpo X this morning then an afternoon hike and a quick 20 minutes of evening cardio. All the things I love to jump start my weight loss. I am calling my meals just 1 thru 6. When I call them snacks and breakfast, lunch and dinner my mind thinks I should eat more or less depending on if it’s a meal or a snack. That has not been working for me and I have been grazing alot!!! Time to start working on my goal more seriously. I did a good job this year facing my fears but the last few months I have been stuffing them. It’s time to let go and move on up to joy! Happy New Year to me. At least I’m not beating myself up for gaining the weight but instead setting up an action plan to lose it!

Back on Track

As all of you know I have been struggling for weeks to get back to my routine. I think I finally have a mix that I am motivated to do. I am doing Power 90 3/4 in the morning and Power 90 1/2 in the evening on alternate days I am doing Power Masters and a 20 minute Zumba leaving me an evening or two to actually go out and socialize. The food is another story. I’ve started eating watermelon and brown rice and different proteins. I am getting creative with veggies. Tonight I stir fried green beans in coconut oil and dipped them in BBQ sauce. Yummy. The exercise routine will change in 30 days. I think that is the point at which my mind gets bored and I need to do something different. As far as food I need to switch that up every week. It has taken me 3 years to finally understand how to do this process long term. I have only 25 more lbs to goal weight. And I am going for the weight I was in my 20’s plus 10lbs. That will be 125lbs. I am 5’6” and if I hear one more person say women my age….Well Jennifer Aniston is my age and she weighs less than that. It is amazing too me how many of my friends think that just bc they are 40 it’s an excuse to be overweight and out of shape. Give me a break. I may have gained it quickly but it’s coming off. It’s time to get healthy, get in shape and stay there. That is my goal.

Starting Over Again

Starting over again. I left work early to get in a workout. Instead I have been surfing the net. It is now 6:30pm my shorts are sung again and I feel really crappy. I am going to go take a nice hot shower, wash my hair and get into bed with a good book. I will set the alarm just early enough to get things rolling in the morning. I will start fresh and start again. At least this has just been a week of struggle and I am willing to admit it and move on.

New Fridge

I get a new fridge today. Yeah!!!


I have a problem with carbs. I try not to keep even the healthy ones in the house but occasionally I need carbs to keep me balanced. I have finally decided not to throw out the ezekiel bread and pasta this time. That’s usually what I do I eat a bit and throw the rest out. I have made a shelf just for complex carbs. I have pasted a big NO! on the shelf. Not that I can’t eat them but this way it will make me stop in my tracks before I do. I definitely have had enough carbs for this week and my goal for the weekend is no complex carbs. I am using my new shelf idea. I want to learn how to keep carbs in the house and eat them in moderation. :0!

Facebook disconnect

So I am back to basics again. I got really depressed and gained 5lbs in a week and realized that that was not going to help solve any problems. I disconnected from FB and deleted a few bad friends from my phone and now I am back on track. Falling into the food trap again was just a mistake. Time to dust off and start again. I was almost to my goal weight and now I am back to having 20lbs instead of 15lbs to go. And I am having to deal with carb cravings again since I ate of few bad carbs that I never eat. Now I know why I don’t eat them. They make me want to eat more. I am currently shopping daily again. This way no extra food in the house to temp myself. Working out in the early mornings and doing my best to touch base with friends by phone. FB makes everyone lazy and then you get lonely bc people get used to not having a real conversation.

To All: I used to be fat a TV show on MTV. Viewable on HULU.COM

This show has really motivated me and got me pumped. I have started doing one workout in the morning and one in the evening instead of watching TV. I am sticking to my food plan and have really tightened it up. I am keeping “my eye on the prize” as one of the girls’ dad’s told her and just sucking it up. I am energized and my body is changing quickly after just one week. I feel so motivated and like I can do it this time. I suggest that everyone watch this show…again and again. It is really motivating and has lots of tips to help you with your goal planning. I love It

I think I can!

Well after trying the first few months of this year and not succeeding much I made a committment to the CEA-HOW diet plan. It is weighed and measured 3 meals no snacks. Also, I am doing Brazil Butt Lift. So far it’s day 2 and I’m not hungry. That’s amazing and I have energy and I can focus at work. It helps that I have had a few crazy people who have pissed me off lately. Anger has always helped me lose weight. It’s a great thing. I am so grateful for those controlling annoying people in my life because I get to use my anger to stay on course and lose weight. I love it!!! Thank you thank you I never thought I would love being angry but everytime I have actually lost weight it’s been started this way. Now I just need to figure out how to keep the momentum going and move up the emotional scale to peace. :)

Keep on Moving!

I’m still too scared to get on the scale but I will soon. Sticking to the food and I’m not hungry and not eating when I’m just bored. Taking it one day at a time and I have to say so far so good.


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