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end a relationship

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another down

yep, like a carpenter cutting down trees…

i sent a note to another guy saying that i didn’t want to talk anymore. i guess that’s fine, considering we only talked via email and occasionally by phone. it’s just more effort than it’s worth, y’know.

so i’m on the road to… maybe to none. that would be comfortable.

oh this sounds so callous

but one down, a couple more to go.

well, it's not really a relationship

more of seeing a few guys. it’s pointless. it’s a waste of their time and a waste of mine. there are two many other things that i need to focus on without worrying about some random guys that i’m not interested in.

my goal is to only be talking to three guys by next week. i’m sure i can do that. then my goal is to cut down one more the next week (listen to that, sounds like i’m cutting down a tree or something). hopefully i’ll only be talking to one w/in a week or two. if not, i can still work on the less effect. and as long as i’m honest about it, i guess, it’s ok. right?

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