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So, this has been an ambition of mine that only recently has come to light. Of course I’m sure in the wake of J. K. Rowling, the first author-billionaire, people have decided there is something to this whole “writing” thing.

I’ve loved writing for so long. Whether it was in my high-school days (poetry/prose) or when I was much younger, writing my essays and silly poems.

Now that I have a son, I think I want to write children’s books. A series, possibly, on commonalities. Something a young child will enjoy, but a parent can actually get through.
Everyday things, potty training and the like. I wish I could find a really good book that he could look at and understand, but that would grow with him.

I plan on doing my own illustrations. At least, I hope to! I love art and would like to have my visions realized, instead of settling for someone else’s interpretation.

So, I don’t have any sort of timeline, but a deadline? Let’s see. I would like to have the book done within this decade. That sounds good… gives me until 2010.

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