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Still Reading

I am still picking up books and reading them as quickly as I can. But I still have a lot of books to go.

I don't even remember

I don’t remember when I bought this book but it must have been when I went to the used book store.
It was an ok book. More a overview on why we use certain words in their context.

Garfield weighs in

Who doesn’t have a Garfield book or two laying around the house. Rainy days are great for reading comic books.
And I can check this one off my list too.

Murder She Wrote

Yes I actually have a bunch of Murder She Wrote books that I bought a long time ago and never read. It is funny when you watch the show you don’t pick up on certain things. But when you are reading it you have time to think about what is going on.

I Am America (and so can you)

I just finished reading it. Very entertaining. If you watch the show you will invision Stephen Colbert saying all this stuff.

Monster by Frank Peretti

2 Books down and soooooo many more to go.

If you ever want to read a good thriller I would suggest this book. There was a couple of twist in the book but manly it was supenseful enough to make the book worth reading.

An Invitation to Tea

I finally read and finished this book.
Couldn’t sleep so I picked up the first book off the shelf that I started and then put down many years ago.


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