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Be more efficient when working

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You know, I’m going to consider this done. I got an amazing amount of work done this month, and even though I FEEL inefficient, I’ve found I actually DO a lot.

I think I also recognize that I can’t do as much as I could before the amputation, and that that is something I’m just going to have to accept. And learn to pace myself.


Ha! Like this is going to happen!

You know what has to happen first? Some type of minimal support at work, or at least politeness. Or no, not that, just getting out of my way. That would be nice. Having my staff show up regularly would help, too. Thank God for the ones that do.

If a few battles were off my plate, well, that would be nice, too. The medical collections for example. Or the ADA accommodations that the university won’t make. Those would be two biggies.


Much better week, with goals, until I got slammed Friday. People said I looked better.


having a really, really hard time doing this. Trying to structure my time a lot….

ways to do this

1. no email checks for 2 hour intervals
2. schedule breaks. Not having breaks makes your concentration fall apart
3. move around. Schedule the time in.
4. lengthen time allotted to do things until it’s actually working and I’m not running late.
5. give myself time to rest.
6. say no to more things.

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