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hippo made me smile

the moment i opened my eyes i saw my hippo tea mug… i just smiled and took a pic….

28th june 2010

I went to the office early today.. I saw lot of new joinees and they were all so eager to join this Company.. It seemed to me that they were all freshly college pass outs and they were so happy and confident.. This reminded me of myself when i joined a software firm some 4 years back.. I thought about myself and how things have changed in my life .. i have learned a lot from my experiences and i am happy with how my life has treated me so far…
I just thought about my older day s and i smiled….


I went out of town to a quiet place with my friends… long drive and talking to friends was of course good but i was looking for something that would make me smile from within and i didn’t want thAt to come from my friends… I observed hills and waterfalls and simple people who were selling stuffs on the roadside. I felt happy for myself and i thought i was lucky to have a job which gives me money to enjoy these little things in life ..

High time i stop cribbing and start realising that i am blessed and lucky to have almost everything in my life—- family , friends , job..

I tool this picture when i was returning back and i wanted to capture the feeling that i was going through at that point of time…
which made me just “happy” :)

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