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figure out what i want to do with my life

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got a book to prepare for IELTS exam.
will start studying from today.. i am still focused on doing MBA in non profit management.


I finally feel that i want to do mba in non profit management but i have no clue about it as to what are its job prospects and which all universities are good and also , will it be expensive then other mba? if someone could help me out with this, it would be great.
thanks in advance=)

feeling awesome =)

i had gone out for a dinner with an old friend of mine..
i feel good being in his company cos we share same thoughts and our frequency matches, though sometimes we fight with each other but its cool…
he asked me what i want to do in future
and whether i am happy with what i am doing right now?
the answer for latter part of the question has always been a big “NO” for me and the i tried answering the first part , i thought for a while and i guess i figured out what i want to do with the rest of my life.. though i am not yet sure cos i need to do a lil bit more research in that area but i feel i am getting nearer =)
i hope to be clear minded by the start of next year…
and i am happy for myself =) it feels good…

yet clueless....

i dont know exactly what makes me happy …. but for time being im finding some happiness learning java… i find this language to be lil more interesting then other languages and im kind of experimenting with the codes….
Im planning to give java Certification (scjp) by the end of november….
lets see how it goes….
Im slogging right now and my aim for timebeing is to complete this goal…


well…. i got up in the morning and realised that i am utterly confused as to what i want to do with my life… i was not admitting it in the past but i think it is better to accept what i am feeling and then look for a way out…
i am trying… its difficult though….

i am kinda happy now

i am reading loads of books… did aptitude tests and analysed my self and now i feel i am getting to understand my self and im am so happy for myself…. i have this feeling that i ll soon be able to figure out what is the real purpose of my life in this earth :)

figure out!

i have a decent and respectable job but im still lost cos i want to do something that makes my soul happy… i’m still figuring out wat is it :)

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