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I’m almost done with the book of Genesis. Not that it takes all that long to read, but I’ve been taking it a couple of sections at a time each day, going along with the way my study Bible is set to be read. So far, so good. For a few different days, I’ve already felt like God was specifically speaking to me through the scripture, about my own situations. I’m excited to continue.

I'm going to do it this time!

I have always wanted to read the entire Bible.. and to know it so well that I can better back up the things I believe in with the scripture. I’m in the process of reading the entire Bible. I bought the Max Lucado Devotional Bible so I can read a little every day and be more pushed into really getting into it. I’ve always loved Max Lucado’s stuff, so having comments from him in the margins to read along with the scriptures I read should encourage me to continue reading it… until I’m done. This should also help me to understand things better. I’m excited about my new endeavor and hope I’ll actually accomplish this goal I’ve always wanted to – this time.

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