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My hair is look great!

My hair is looking GREAT!!! I’m growing it out too. I’m becoming healthier inside and out and it is showing! :)


My hair is looking wonderful! And I’m growing it out long like it used to be in high school!

I'm looking hott!!

My hair’s shinier, smoother, longer, richer in color, fuller… it’s looking hott! I’m getting the dead ends trimmed in 2 weeks. Still growing out longer… :)


My hair has improved drastically and continues to get even healthier! I’ve waited for a long time for the health of my hair to be revived. It’s getting longer too and I’m going to grow it out even more.

I look GREAT!

My hair is looking GREAT! It’s growing out. It’s shiny, strong, deeper color, thicker…. everything I’ve been waiting for it to become again. No more damaged hair!! :)

More improvement!

My hair is continuing to improve. It’s thickness, elasticity, shininess, smoothness… it’s all looking better. And because these things are looking better… my hair color’s really starting to shine through again. I’ve been brushing my hair a lot more and I know that’s helped too.

it's getting healthier!

My hair IS getting healthier. How do I know? It’s shinier, thicker, softer, I have less split ends, and it’s easier to brush through. YES! I need to get my next hair cut pretty soon too. That will promote even healthier hair.

Progress.. always a good thing

My hair is looking more healthy now than it has in three and a half years! Hopefully I will eventually get it as healthy as it used to be. That would be great. Then I’ll start growing it out again. But for now I have to keep getting it cut every three or so months, to keep the deads off. I think getting it cut regularly has really helped a lot.

My Hair's Getting Healthier. Here are my tips.

My hair is becoming more healthy… finally! It used to be so so soo shiny and healthy until my freshman year of college when I was pledging for a social club and taking on a full load of classes.. some of which were pretty demanding and time consuming. It was hard for me to balance it all when I was getting very little sleep on a daily basis. My hair begin to fall out and become dull looking. All of this had a bad effect on me physically. For others who are also trying to get the health back into their hair, I’ve got some tips:

  • Right after you wash and dry your hair, place a small dot of lotion, about the size of a chocolate chip, on the end of one of your fingers. Then rub the tips of your fingers on both hands together. Next place your fingers on the front, side, and back of the upper part of your scalp (rotating) and massage the lotion in. This will make your hair less brittle, bringing moisture back into it.
  • If you’re brave enough.. put mayonnaise in your hair and leave it in for at least an hour or two. Apply mayonnaise to dry hair only… and then shampoo it out and condition it in the shower.
  • Get your hair trimmed every three or so months to get rid of dead ends and to keep them off.
  • If you can get away with it, without your hair looking greasy… try washing your hair every OTHER day instead of every day. Washing your hair every single day can strip your strands of the moisture they need to stay healthy and not become brittle.
  • For women, there is a supplement you can buy at Walmart and other such stores: Evening Primrose Oil. It’s recommended that women take this supplement daily. This supplement promotes healthier hair, and I’ve seen an improvement since I started taking it. Go to this website for all of the benefits of Evening Primrose Oil:,1525,779,00.html

It supposedly helps in a lot of different ways. You may want to check that it’s okay for you to personally take healthwise, because some health problems may interfere with the positive effects of this supplement.

If anyone else has some good tips on how to improve the health of your hair.. PLEASE let me know, because I’m still in the process of improving my hair’s health!

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