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Choose your friends wisely.

I’m understanding the vital importance of being very cautious about what kinds of influences I put myself around; I already knew it was important, but I’m understanding this importance on a whole new level. I’ve been praying for God to PLEASE bring more good, stable, loving, mature, healthy, and discerning Christian influences into my life – that will lift me up, not drag me down. As the bible verse says…

As iron sharpens iron,
so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

I need to be around those who are seeking the same growth, love, maturity, and discernment through relationship with God that I am, so that I can continue to develop and grow – and not get off track. Then I will be strong enough to better take care of myself and to lift up the weak and struggling around me.

Not pushing people away so much as before.

I am allowing myself to be vulnerable. I’m allowing the possibility of people to hurt me.. because it’s worth it. If I keep myself closed up… my wounds deep inside will never be able to heal. In order to heal, I must open up and expose my vulnerablity. My life feels like it contains more substance now that I’m not pushing people away so much.

met one who's a truly good friend

I’ve made one friend I really consider a good friend. I’ve made other friends I’m not so sure about, but, nevertheless, I’m blessed. I hope to find more fun Christians with the same kinds of things in mind as me, in the future. I know God will bring more my way. I have faith in Him.

Looking for good friends

I want to make good friends that will last me a lifetime. I want to meet more people who are like me… on my wavelength with the things that are most important in day to day life. It’s also important for my friends to be on the same wavelength as me when deciding on fun outings. I want to be around people who won’t drag me down – will lift me up – yet will also not be so stiff and uptight (meaning, not boring or annoying) that it’s impossible to have an easygoing, fun time with them. I want to be around people who challenge my brain and help me to grow in a positive direction, in general.

It’s so hard to find really cool, interesting, down-to-earth, and balanced people out there sometimes. I have found a couple of new friends who are great and I owe this all to God… ask and you shall receive. I’d like to obtain even more great friendships. Friendship is so very important to me.

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