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im really upset
right now things between my friends are great
but now
i guess i was wrong best mate-salwa
me and her well we were hardly talking to each other in school and now schools out
now all of a sudden due to msn and myspace
we became really tight due to the fact that “she misses me” and i couldnt be any happier
but now
when i come to think of if
its all lies
i know shes using me =[
the fact is when we started to drift she would always be around my other friend -sanah
its like they were all of a sudden best friends
and were was i?
and now sanah hardly comes online or anything
so i think that may be the reason why shes wants to be friends with me again
now im just gonna ignore her how she did with me
and its not like she ignored me for 1 or 2 weeks
its been 3 months
sorry but she cant string me along =@


im back to my old ways
being cold heart bitch toward my friends once again
i hate it
really i do
i remember a time when i was nice to them
i was just a happy nice person
i try
but im scared
i cant trust them
i cant really trust anyone
i dont wanna get hurt
so im now used to this
“acting cold and distance”
i really cant change
its part of my charater
its hard to change who you are


well im happy
im starting to be nice to my friends
And u know what i feels pretty good
my friends are being nice to me and just like it
its making me feel more happier
than feel sad all the time =]


well i just realised now
that im not a good friend at all
i take them for granted
and i dont really treat them like they should be treated
but i got my reasons
ive had friends were i would be super nice to
but they treated me like shit
and this wasnt just one, its pretty much all my friends i had
now i dont care, cause the last thing i want is to get hurt
but it hurts to know that my friends feels the same towards me
im trying to be better now trying to show that i appreciate them
but i think its too late now =\

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