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Make a vision board!

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have put the vision board up on the wall with some of our ‘visions’ .... still need to add more photos, but atleast it is completed !

gosh ~

this is certainly taking it’s time !!!! need to find stretchy, well elastic ribbon for the vision board…will look tomorrow whilst shopping


YAY !!! making progress. finally covered the board with a lovely fabric & string to hang it on the wall….now just ribbon so we can attach pictures & then the pictures of things/feelings we are drawn to achieving/manifesting :)


have now bought the board so just the backing foam to go :)

~ material

bought some material from ebay….now some foam to complete it plus some ribbon. getting there


bought a large canvas to cover with material & then ribbon bands so we can place pictures for the vision board inbetween without having to glue, thus reutilising the vision board…:) getting there slowly…


I puy my foot down last night with my partner & said we have to devote some time to the visionboarding !!!! We actually got everything out on the bed, cut out inspirational words that correlate to our goals, set out a map of what to put on the vision board & now atleast have a plan of action to start & complete it…we also said we will each do our own too to compliment ours together.

Thankyou Universe for giving us guidance & encouragement to make a start :)


monday went !!!! still no visionboarding ???? Went for a walk instead & went to bed early as I was so incredibly tired…will attempt next monday :)


Decided to set aside one evening a week to devote to Vision Boarding !!! Mondays as it is now…see how this goes :)


Spent some of my holidays, with the little time we had cutting out some images for the vision board ! Gosh, trying to do this gradually but surely…

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