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give her an orgasm

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Last night

... I tried new oils for giving her a full body massage – WOW!! What fun!!

Funny situation latley....

The quality of lovemaking – realllly good, every time.

The frequency – waaay down.

Last night

... was the best ever – in the history of mankind, I think…

NOT giving up on this

... just “parking” it.

We have such a good time together, and I think it’ll be better to leave goals out of this – at least for now – and just have fun!

but then again

I realy don’t like the idea of going thru’ life without achieving this!!

I've actually thought of "parking" this goal....

on the one hand – we do have lots of fun, and she genuinly seems to enjoy it and look foward to it – she initiates at least as often as I do…

... and maybe giving up is just what is needed to acheive this goal?

Hell – it worked on the other goal !!


We’ve been married for over a decade and our relationship is wonderful. She is my partner, companion and best friend, and we just love talking and being together. She seems to enjoy the sex – and often initiates. However, she still has never “lost her mind”, no matter what I tried. I hope to someday get her there!

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